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Cartoons Online

Fried Society—Hilarious tidbits of modern life.

Kevin & Kell—Can marriage last between a wolf and a rabbit? This one has a trend toward pretty long plotlines, so read the back issues.


Sherman's Lagoon—OK, this one is Dave's, not mine. I haven't checked it out.

Sluggy Freelance—Possibly the funniest thing on the Internet. Definitely read the archives. Especially the Slug Files. I was howling.

STUDIO FOGLIO- the art and writing of Phil and Kaja Foglio—There's not much of the actual art on this site (I suppose they've gotta eat somehow), but it's still nifty.

User Friendly the Comic Strip—A small ISP populated by Quake-happy techs, a friendly dust puppy, and an AI named Erwin. Wackiness ensues and Microsoft takes a lot of damage.

Yamara—Highly peculiar.

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Astro City Rave—Kurt Busiek rules.

The Barrows

The Bomb—Grant Morrison's Invisibles—Weird.

Welcome to Hoody Hoo Cartoons!

Independent Comics WebRing

The Official BONE Web Page - In case you were wondering, yes, Virginia, there are gifted writers and fantastic artists out there in the world. This site is dedicated to one.

Tales of the Beanworld—Cannot be described. Wonderful. The site's not bad, either.

Warren Ellis—Mr. Ellis rocks.

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Computers (non-Mac)

BeWorld Magazine

Dvorak International—No, I don't use a Dvorak keyboard. Maybe one of these days.

EFFweb—The Electronic Frontier Foundation

Power to the Precocious! G E E K R I G H T S

GNU's Not Unix!—the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation (FSF)

Welcome to lavarand!—I don't quite understand this, but it looks interesting.

Legalethics.com: The Internet Ethics Site


Linux for Literature Majors Web Page

Mike's Privacy (PGP) Page

Slashdot—Yes, it's full of pretentious types, flames, trolls, etc. It occasionally has interesting and valuable stuff, too.

U.S. v. Microsoft: Main Index

Web Clearinghouse for Engineering and Computing Ethics

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Bon Appetit, among other things.

Cooking Light Online—An excellent magazine, a spiffy Web site. Uses Javascript for the recipe search.

Culinary Connection - Massive.

Food Network's FoodTV.Com: Gateway to Recipes, Entertaining, Chefs, Cooking, Television

Medieval/Renaissance Food—Weird.

SOAR: Searchable Online Archive of Recipes—Large.

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El Guapo's Log—One of the WebRPG Town Hall guys.

Mr Youse Neednt Be So Spry—Another of said guys.

Dave*'s Page—My husband's. Trés nifty, although he never updates it....

David Weinstein, fellow tech-writer.

Equal Parts Blind Luck and Pessemism—By my friend Josh. Includes The Freaks Home Page, dedicated to the weirdness of college.

Golem Info—Everything you wanted to know!—Golem is the writing group some friends and I started our junior year of college—still going strong. That makes me happy.

Greg's Groovy Page—Still another Town Hall guy. What's with them?

The Keegans' Place—By Bill and Kris.

Planet Quake—My friend Dave writes for these guys as Fargo—check out The Daily Victim for his work.

Redwood Dragon—I don't actually know the author, but he did co-write one of my favorite SF series, and this is his blog. I'm not into blogging, but I like his books, so... warning: this site appears to work only in IE.

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Catchall section for literature, philosophy, and weird stuff.

The Castles of Wales

The Cathedral and the Bazaar

Elizabethan Review—HOME

Encyclopedia Mythica: Home

The Noam Chomsky Archive


The Psychology of Cyberspace

Reverse Transcript—Hyperlink to Donna Haraway

Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

Taoism—Tao Te Ching Translations

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Book-A-Minute SF/F

The Brunching Shuttlecocks—These people are probably slightly insane. But funny.

Darwin Awards Official Home Page

The Eye of Argon—Indescribably, howlingly funny.

The Freaks Home Page

HotAIR—Rare and well-done tidbits from the Annals of Improbable Research

Humor for Webmasters

kissthisguy.com -+- The Archive of Misheard Lyrics

Lileks.com—I'm addicted to the "Daily Bleat," and there's some rather demented stuff on here.

Miskatonic University


The Movie Cliches List

The Onion

The Screaming Banana

Urban Legends Reference Pages

Welcome to Dr. Vulture's Laboratory of Evil Science

World Watch OnLine: The Buckaroo Banzai Mailing List

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Macintosh Stuff

Aquaria by Jim—He turns old Macs into aquariums. Really. It's neat.

LinuxPPC—Linux for PowerPC Computers

MacOPINION: Articles and commentary on computing and the Macintosh platform

Mac OS Rumors

MacTech Magazine


Macworld Online

TidBITS Electronic Publishing


All About Jazz: A Monthly Jazz Magazine and Resource

Amhran Gaelach—Celtic

Boiled In Lead - Kind of hard to describe. Speed Celtic, maybe.

Celtic & Folk Music CD Reviews

Clannad Lyrics

Concrete Blonde—A favorite of mine.

Cowboy Junkies—Main

Green Linnet Artists' Websites—Celtic record label

Leadpages - more Boiled In Lead stuff

Pamela Morgan


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The Boston Globe—Reasonably reliable and well-written.


HNN—H a c k e r N e w s N e t w o r k—News with a hacker spin.

The Independent | Great minds don't click alike—From our friends in the UK.

IPS—Inter Press Service The Alternative News Agency

osOpinion Headline News—News affecting the computer industry.

Wired News

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ACLU: American Civil Liberties Union

Amnesty International on-line

Critiques Of Libertarianism: So You Want To Discuss Libertarianism....

Echelon Watch


Find Individual and Soft Money Contributors

Interception Capabilities 2000—ECHELON project

About Project Censored

Turn Left: About Liberalism

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Alpha Complex—Visually painful Paranoia site.

Atlas Games - Publishers of Unknown Armies, as if you didn't know that. Creepy game.

Bif! Bam! Pow!—Free superhero RPG.

The Official Chaosium Home Page—Company site.

Critical Miss: The Magazine for Dysfunctional Roleplayers

DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS (TM) AND OTHER FANTASY ROLE PLAYING GAMES—Point people who still think that D&D teaches people "real magic" or that role-playing drives kids insane to this page.

Feng Shui! - Unofficial Feng Shui site.

The Four Winds Compass—Player-created site for a PbEM I participate in.

The Future is Now - One image, but oh, what a wonderful image it is....

The Great RPG Archive (Dreamscape)—Huge index site. And I do mean huge.

Grey Ghost Press, Inc. - Company site.

The Hall of Justice—Superhero web ring.

iG's on-Web PBeM List—Just what it says. And no, "iG" is not a typo.

Infiltration: the zine about going places you're not supposed to go—I consider this an RPG resource, personally.

Living Legends Home Page—Jeff Dee's successor to V&V; there are some resources for V&V as well as the not-yet-released Living Legends.

Methods in the Madness - Responsible for the much-ballyhooed The Window, and their site design is so cool it makes me ill.

Morpheus Unbound—Variety of superhero RPG resources.

Phoenix PBeM Roleplaying—Home page for a big list of email RPGs of all types.

Places To Go, People To Be - Australian gaming ezine, often quite good.

RPGnet—Self-proclaimed "the inside scoop on gaming."

The RPG Times—Irregular online gaming publication.

The Roleplayer's Guide—Advice, funny stories, resources.

Steve Jackson Games Home Page - A fun site even if you don't really care for GURPS. Check out Warehouse 23 for some giggles.

Steve Jackson's Home Page—Steve's personal site. Lots of LEGO.

TSR, Inc.—Company site.

UNCLE BEAR ONLINE—escapism, roleplaying, science fiction, weirdness

WebRPG Town Hall—Where I spend way too much of my time.

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Technical Writing

Ask Tog—No-nonsense advice on writing, usability, and interface design, plus many other interesting features.

Carl Stieren's Resources for Technical Communicators

STC Regional & Chapter Info Home Page—Society for Technical Communication main site.

STC Boston Chapter

Technical Writing Resources

Techprof: A Resource for Technical and Professional Communicators

The Official TECHWR-L, the Internet forum for technical communicators

useit.com: Usable Information Technology—Usability deity Jakob Nielsen's site.

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Web Design

A+ Art

CoolGraphics—The Gallery

Creating Graphics for the Web

Ender Design: Realm Graphics Web Images

Fotosearch Stock Photography

Online Classes—The HTML Writers Guild

HYPE's Color Specifier—Sick of experimenting with hex values? Find what you need here.

ICONZ..... The Ultimate Free Icons Collection For Your HomePage

Index Dot HTML: THE Advanced HTML Reference

The Java Boutique: Free Java Applets, Games, Programming Tutorials, and Downloads

Javascripts, javascripts, and more javascripts...

Land of Enchantment—Fantasy-theme graphics. Not, not that kind of fantasy. Sheesh.

Moyra's Web Jewels

Non-Dithering Colors by Hue

The Matrix Vault—Free graphics.

Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing

Stock Photography 1StopStock.com

Texture Land

User Interface Engineering -- User Interface Design Bibliography

WebCoder.com—Your home for JavaScript and Dynamic HTML on the Web.

Web Developer Magazine Web Developer's Journal

Welcome to WebTechniques.com

Webular Wasteland [Free Web Art: Backgrounds,Icons,Animated GIFs,etc.]

The Wererat's Lair: True type fonts for the Gothic Horror, Dark Fantasy, or Dark Future Role-Player.

W3C—The World Wide Web Consortium

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Writing (non-technical)


www.babynames.com—I don't know how other people come up with names for characters, but this is one way I do it.

Science Fiction Weekly

SFWA Index—Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America


WritersNet: Internet Resource for Writers, Editors, Publishers and Agents

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