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Spring. Right. Don't make me laugh.

We did at least only get a couple of inches last night, and not the foot some forecasters were direly predicting (they do love to do that), but it's still coming down, a thin, snarky stream of flakes, blowing aimlessly about over the wet roads just to annoy us. I swear that's why they do it.

(Pause to get up and get orange juice, vitamin.) What have I been thinking about all morning? Cats, the weather, what I should wear to work on this potentially truly obnoxious day, the training manual I'm supposed to be writing (answering all the questions I asked in my first week of so-called "document development" [means "mail merge"] so the next poor sod who ends up doing this particularly odious and thankless task won't feel like quite such an idiot. Find myself wondering if the guy who asked me to do it would notice if I inserted some commentary.

The weather we've addressed, the cats have been individually both annoying and wonderful last night. Cicero spent most of the night curled up next to me (none of our cats are really "people cats" and this is a fairly rare event), a pleasant warmth and contact. Jasper, on the other hand, comes in at random intervals and taps me on the shoulder with his paw in expectation that I will spend the next half hour scratching and petting him. As if. Then at 4:30 he wants breakfast. Again, as if. He makes a wonderful alarm clock, even on days when I don't need one.

I considered scaling up the level of my wardrobe a tad for the Big Meeting, then decided that was pretty silly. If I get laid off today, I'll do it in my favorite jeans, a blue mock turtleneck, and my favorite boots. What the heck. Though Dave did raise the delightful spectre that they might announce that there will cuts and then not actually do them for a while, making the whole situation even more ridiculous. Screw 'em; an email about a job opening crossed my path yesterday, so that makes two I should apply for (though this one is pretty far afield from what I've been doing so far, tech writers are adaptable creatures).

It is somewhat ironic that finally I do have a lot of work to do today--finish drafting this training thing, do a document for a new client we are trying rather desperately to keep happy, as we have far too many of the other kind right now. I also have to go down and brush off the car, which means I ought to cut this short. But Amber has completed the kitty triumvirate by getting up on my lap, and I hate to dislodge a comfortable cat, even if she does try to rub her nose on my left hand while I'm typing, and then try to lick my fingers. Bit distracting, that.

But it is after all time to go. See you tomorrow.

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