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Lydia loves looking out the window.


Unexpected side effect of Lydia sleeping through the night most nights: I do, too! I can't remember the last time I slept eight straight hours; it's actually kind of disorienting. I still wake up at the same time--sunrise--though of course it's considered to be an hour later now, hence robbing me of time. So much for "Savings." I love to get up just before the sun, to look out over the pond all silver and pink, geese and ducks leaving trails in the water. Soon it will be harder to see, once the leaves come out.

There may be an interruption in the Rambling this week; our hard drive has started making uncomfortable if intermittent noises, so it looks like we're going to need a new one, with all of the attendant rigmarole. I hate having to muck around with a computer once it's arranged to my liking, and it always takes longer than I think it ought to.

Perhaps because of this, I spent most of yesterday in a very bad mood. Felt guilty about it, because it was a lovely day, but there you go. Nothing seemed to go quite right. In the afternoon, attempting to break the funk, I sent out a couple of resumes to older job listings. Much to my astonishment, I got a call back from a recruiter in about ten minutes. This improved the day's outlook slightly; he claims to have a couple of clients who might be interested in my resume, but we'll see. The fact that tech writing recruiters are able to exist in the market again is a good sign; the one I used during the Big Boom went out of business shortly after the Big Bust. I sometimes wonder what she's doing these days.

So it looks like today will include a trip to the Citadel, where they have a Circuit City which might provide us with a new hard drive. I'm reliably informed that installing it should take less than five minutes, but experience tells me that it will take something on the order of an entire day to get everything else installed and configured to our liking. This time I might just set up OS X in something like the proper configuration, for the practice. One good thing is that hard drive sizes have increased a lot since we bought this thing--I don't think they even manufacture 10 GB drives any more--so we should end up with an improvement there. The bad thing is that since it's just the drive, I don't (yet) have an excuse to buy an iBook. Maybe if I get a job really soon....

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