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Well, it took considerably longer than five minutes, but the new drive is installed, and we got all of our stuff over to it (excepting only a bookmark file) without too much hassle before the old one completely flaked out. For $80 (after mail-in rebate) we have ten times the drive space we used to. This is good.

We do still seem to have the freeze-up problem, which I should devote more time to figuring out, since OS X is not supposed to crash, ever. This will probably mean growing familiar with scary-sounding UNIX things.

The past two days have been dreamily warm and wonderful, feeling not merely like spring but like summer. I hear it's supposed to snow some soon, but I refuse to acknowledge this. Last night we took Lydia out in her PJs to hear the spring peepers out back. The squabbling of geese is a low, near-constant mutter. Dave saw turtles and what was probably a muskrat, suggesting that despite its liberal scattering of trash Curtis Pond can support a fairly wide variety of life.

It's not quite six o'clock and the lights are on at the Vietnamese doctor's office across the street. That's odd.

I woke up this morning, oddly enough, thinking about old Revolution games. We've had a horribly difficult time getting the group together for the past year or so; there's always something else going on, and of course we had a hiatus for Lydia. When we do get some of the gang together, we've experimented with a variety of one-shots in different systems (which make little impression on me) and settings; a pirate adventure in the Caribbean, an anime-style schoolgirls with giant robots romp, a Cyberpunk mystery, a quasi-traditional D&D dungeon. I haven't been taping and transcribing these--I still have Revolution tapes that are more than a year old to work on, and the reason for doing the tapes in the first place was to capture the rich tapestry of interactions between the characters and their intricately-built setting. Those early games seem like a million years ago, and I haven't re-read t hem in ages; not sure why they should come to mind now.

I have a job interview this afternoon. This feels somewhat surreal. It's in Boston. This morning I have to go to Kinkos and print up some copies of my resume, something I had sort of forgotten about until yesterday afternoon (I'm a little out of practice at this). It would be nice to have something, even if it does turn out to be a contract, even for the short term. I'm getting antsy, the past couple of days have been bereft of new leads, and I haven't heard anything back from people I had contacted right off the bat. There are so many uncertainties in the process, and it's difficult to remember that silence might have a million causes, none of them to do with me. People still have other things to do while they're trying to hire someone, and the need to move quickly is often balanced by fear of making a bad decision. I worked with enough problem characters in my last position to know how that goes (one reason why I'd be amenable to a contract--I know exactly what they're thinking when they decide they'd rather ease into a new co-worker carefully).

In any case, today I'll squeeze into my interview suit (barely fits, suggesting that I still have a bit of weight to lose, but that was probably the case even before the baby) and head on out. So far I feel relaxed, which may or may not be a good sign. Perhaps because I don't desperately want this particular job? Feel that they need me more than I need them at this point? We'll find out.

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