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Took Lydia for a long walk yesterday, up past the new CVS site, down James St. to the flower shop (closed), past the little strip mall, across the street to the antiquarian bookstore (going out of business, and also closed), to the package store (open), down along some side streets and past another of the area's many evangelical churches, to the grocery store for things I'd forgotten to get the previous day, and then finally home, by which point we were both pretty tired.

It was a productive day on many fronts; I made bread, though I've started to fret about my lack of a baking stone, and made arrangements for a phone interview at (oddly enough) the company I worked at three years ago. We'll see how it goes. I wish I would hear something back from someone.

It was also Lydia's bath night; she has finally started to really enjoy baths, splashing away with abandon and grinning hugely (she has also, again finally, cut that top tooth we've been waiting weeks and weeks for), though she'll also get up and try to crawl out when she feels like she's had enough. When we go for walks around the house, one of her favorite destinations is the bathroom, where she hangs onto the edge of the tub and looks very proud. Of course her ultimate goal there is to get at the magazine pile; playing with paper has been a favorite for a long time now.

It looks like another beautiful day.

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