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Not yet thrilled by shoes.

Another busy day yesterday, lots of phone time, but the result is that a) I have a six-week contract nailed down to start on Monday and b) on Thursday I have a face-to-face interview at that company I used to work for. Even if that doesn't work out, I'm looking forward to seeing the few remaining members of the team I worked with there (from a height of sixteen, they are down to four writers, who are somehow supposed to maintain a gargantuan doc set of 20+ rather hefty manuals).

This contracting thing is going to be interesting. They want me to be on site next week while I get acquainted with their software, but after that, they more or less expect me to work from home, especially since the experts who will be getting me up to speed will be traveling for a while and unavailable. The other job, should I end up there, also has a kindly telecommuting policy, so I may be able to stick to jobs where I can work from home fairly often, which would be fantastic--not just for me, but because we only have the one car, if I work from home my husband is free to run errands or take the baby places. Setting up doctor appointments doesn't become a tortuous exercise in time management, for instance, especially since the odds of me finding someone to carpool with from Worcester to Cambridge are nigh-nil.

There's a certain financial outlay involved in setting up a home office, but the last of my severance from Workscape should cover most of it, and frankly I'm pleased by the prospect of getting to spend some money. I went up to the Citadel with Lydia yesterday afternoon and checked out a few things at Circuit City. I was a little astonished at how far hardware prices have fallen since, oh, ten years ago, and at how expensive software still is. Then I bought a new outfit to go to work on Monday in; this is a new beginning, and I am determined to make a good impression as a professional.

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