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Lovely office park, lots of flowering trees.


Well it's certainly been an eventful week! The company at which I am contracting, Verano, is a small place, and on top of that most of their staff works in offices scattered hither and yon, so it's very quiet there. Most days I think there are fewer than ten people in the main office. Very nice though; I've been met with complete cooperation and respect, and they pretty much know what they want for documentation and have all their source material and people lined up for me. Very efficient, which is all to the good, since they can only afford me for six or eight weeks, by which time they'd better have their doc.

My new laptop arrived on Thursday, so I was able to use it in the office on Friday and take advantage of their network to download everything I thought I might need while working from home (like fifteen or twenty security patches--though needless to say I am not using Outlook, and the only thing I plan to use IE for is checking the Microsoft site for more updates). I'm still getting the hang of the touchpad, but in general I'm quite pleased with it. Not being made of money, I had to make a lot of tradeoffs, but performance is acceptable, I can read the screen, and I've got the software I need. And it weighs less than all the printouts I've made to work from.

Busy time shows no sign of letting up; we have a game today (hooray), and cooking club tomorrow, and then it's going to be a hectic week of working and trying to squeeze in a bunch of other things that need to get done. We're making summer travel plans as best we can without knowing what my work situation will be like, and generally have a lot on our plates. My interview at ATG on Thursday went pretty well, by the way, but I was told that they're just starting to bring people in, so I shouldn't expect to hear anything for a couple of weeks.

Oh, and Lydia went overnight from creeping with an occasional brief crawl, to crawling everywhere, and pretty quickly, too!

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