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The apartment from the other side.

Here we are, at Monday again. Despite the weather, it was a nice weekend, containing a true day of rest, in which I really didn't do anything but read, and yesterday, when we ran some errands (sundries at Target, a couple of toys for Lydia at Babies R Us, a new cell phone finally! so we can ditch the dinosaur I've been carrying around for the past three+ years) and I did a little bit of picking up, but not all that much.

It only occurred to me yesterday that I've barely thought about food for the past couple of weeks. So much for that obsession! It's a lot easier when you're unemployed. Since going back to work I have been relying heavily on quick tried-and-true recipes--quesadillas, stir-fries, the occasional soup--and not doing a lot of experimenting or baking, despite my hopes that when working from home I would be able to grab ten minutes here and there to make bread (this should be possible, dangit, but there's so much to do...). We are hosting another game this weekend and I would like to redeem myself from the last occasion's rather scattershot and poorly-timed offering, which means planning a bit farther ahead. Maybe a quiche, or a new scone recipe. Will have to research options.

We did not make it to the farmer's market this past Saturday, given the weather--I'm pretty sure the local markets open in early May--and probably won't this weekend, with one thing and another, but I am determined to go. I've been reading Deborah Madison again, and am quite curious as to what farmers might have for sale so early in the season in this part of the world.

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