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Am I starting to talk?

Baby update: When Liddy woke up at four this morning I could have sworn she wailed a "mama" in the midst of her crying. Unfortunately I wasn't in much condition to appreciate it. The waking up is alas turning into a pattern these past couple of weeks, but one I'm sure she'll get out of just as quickly. It is turning out that the best way to get her to take her nap in the afternoon is to turn on the TV; ten minutes and she's out like a light. The theory is that it distracts her from the quasi-hysterical insistence that she is not not NOT going to sleep, long enough for the fact that she's really, really tired to take effect. We're getting her to eat slightly chunkier foods, though with much gagging, spitting, and rubbing her hands across her face. I have been frequently reminded of the fact that every food transition has been difficult with her. And for the most part she's such a sunny-tempered little thing, I suppose one area of recalcitrance isn't too much to deal with. She is learning to do fun things, like unroll the toilet paper.

Job update: Still working at my contract, for another three and a half weeks anyway. No course is set for after that, but something will come up I'm sure. I am somewhat peeved, though I should have expected this, that after being assured that the UI for the product I'm working on was stable, it turns out that they have a dozen decisions left to make and pages still to work on. I'll be going in to the office today to poke around in the interface some more.

On a general note, spring is well and truly sprung, and wonderful to see so much green!

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