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Admittedly, not the most sophisticated home office in the world.

The wee burdies started going "cheep" at 4:20 this morning. Go on, ask me how I know this, but excuse me while I chug a cup of tea.

Now that I'm settling into my job (I got commended yesterday for having gotten so much done already, and I have to say that going from nothing to 100+ pages of user guide in two and a half weeks isn't too shabby, especially since a lot of it is even correct), I have more time to think about other things that I've been neglecting of late, like food. I even dropped by one of the few blogs I used to like (Chocolate & Zucchini).

Last night's dinner was one of those exercises in peasant cuisine that are only rendered remarkable by a modern lifestyle in which any cooking at all that takes place is considered quasi-miraculous. (Aside: At lunch the conversation turned to commuting, and it was agreed that a half hour drive is a good thing, and an hour is pretty much normal, and a lot of people have longer drives than that. Which is why I prefer to work from home on this contract; otherwise why am I giving them ten hours of my day and only getting paid for eight?)

Anyway, dinner. Such a simple thing: saute some garlic in olive oil (for once managing not to burn it). Add some red pepper flakes for their delicious heat. Toss in some chickpeas (from a can is fine, though I'm going to try dried someday and see if they're better), add about a cup of chicken or vegetable broth depending on your dietary philosophy (I've discovered Pacific free range organic), and simmer until the liquid is nicely concentrated. Toss it all with some chunky pasta and throw in a few handfuls of halved grape tomatoes.

Cooking is the definition of gestalt. Any of those things individually is dull at best. Combine them and you have an easy, inexpensive way to please yourself (though not any small babies who only think they want to try it until they actually taste a bit).

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