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Don't have one today.

It's harder to take pictures of Lydia these days, as she is fascinated by cameras now. Shots often now consist of a fast-crawling blur moving toward the camera, or a close-up of an eager face as she climbs up my knee. I more or less have to get them when she's not looking. She grins and sometimes even squeals delightedly when she sees the photo of herself that serves as my monitor background. To my eyes she seems to be growing a lot, but all in the legs; she's losing her infant proportions. Look at her sleeping now and see a child, not a baby. It does indeed happen as quickly as everyone says it does.

Which reminds me of an incident at Target this past weekend. As we came to an opening in a long wall of shelves between two departments, the most delicate, elfin-looking little girl I have ever seen--she might have been five--walked by with her dad, saw Lydia and came over to us. She was too shy to talk but seemed fascinated by Liddy, putting her hands on the front bar of the stroller and staring at her, while Liddy looked owlishly back and we exchanged bemused smiles with her parents. I always feel awkward talking to other people's kids, but Dave got a few shy words out of her, and then we all went our separate ways.

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