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My head's not as big as it looks in this picture.

Woke up this morning with Mark Knopfler in my head, singing "sometimes you're the windshield/sometimes you're the bug." Wonder which one today is going to involve. I'm a little out of it this morning; Liddy was teething, among other issues last night (shortly after going to bed I heard a shout of laughter and an indignant wail, went back there to find that she had gotten to a cup of water on the bookcase; firmly convinced of her mastery of cup technology, she had promptly dumped most of it over her head), not to mention the 3 a.m. hairball.

But mostly yesterday was good; I spent quite a bit of it buried in D&D books, working up NPCs for the next bit of the Spelljammer game--yes, it's still going on, I just haven't updated the Web page in, oh, forever. It's on my list, trust me. I have to admit that I am quite proud of having kept the game going for over three years now, and to have retained several of the original players to boot. I still don't trust my ability to GM in real-time, but so far so good (despite plenty of missteps) in the email realm.

Today, it's back to Mansfield. Only three more weeks on this project; how time does fly.

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