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Enough pictures of me, Mom!


    "That was bullshit by the way," Ezra confided. "I like Dr. Sleifert, but I think that she was ordered to say I should go back, no matter what I said."
    Thunderbolt looked at Stephanie, having noticed her looking at the computer screen. She had been comparing video clips.
    "It seemed to be some kind of diagnostic tool; I don't know enough to be able to read it. There wasn't anything flashing across it saying 'you must say this,' but... you said you were held by FORCE industries for a while?"
    "Yeah, it was there that I went for the diagnostic that turned me into this."
    "I was watching your interview," Cockatrice commented over the intercom. "At least part of what she's saying makes a certain degree of sense. You came off awfully stiff."
    "I was trying to be stiff. I didn't want to give them an excuse."
    "Unfortunately, if they're worried about your brain degrading into a random pile of bosonic particles instead of a structured pile of bosonic particles, her statement about your looking like you're mellowing and you can't reach decisions quickly... not knowing that you're just screwing with the answers you're giving to her...."
    "I think Ezra might be right, though," Stephanie said. "Did anyone catch the look on the commissioner's face, just before he left? He looked surprised that Dr. Sleifert knew you. Maybe this was a setup, that any answer you gave was going to lead to 'he should go back to FORCE Industries custody.'"
    "I guess he could be that naïve, couldn't he?" Ezra said.
    Maybe it doesn't matter where he goes, I thought.
    "Now what?" Stephanie asked. "I know we're trying to keep our options open about the whole maybe wanting to stay here thing, as far as the government's concerned--"
    "Well we obviously don't want to stay here," I put in.
    "Thank you! I'm just glad that we're on the same page."
    "No offense to either of you two," I added, looking at our temporal hosts.
    Cockatrice nodded. "I was kind of wondering, listening to that interview wondering why you're not just giving a straight answer on this question, other than the fact that he kind of needed to be pounded on a little."
    Because if it turns out that we can't leave, I thought, I want to know where we're going to stand.
    "I didn't like the Colonel. I do have some ideas though," Thunderbolt added.
    "I wish you would share them," I prodded.
    "I have always known, being with Majestic 12, that time travel does exist. We had equipment,"
    "I never saw it, but I had heard stories about where it could be. We need to find a Majestic 12 base. I had Sphinxnet looking for locations earlier, places I knew there were bases. I think our next step is Albany."
    "Okay." I was pleased to have a destination, something to do.

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