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Fountain at the Cambridgeside Galleria, before work on Wednesday

I saw the sun! Just for a few minutes before it ducked under the heavy gray blanket it seems to prefer these days, but it was an uplifting sight while it lasted. The weather this week has simply been unbelievable; I almost wept yesterday when it started raining again five minutes before I was due to leave the office. I have nothing against rain per se, quite like it actually, but any stretch of weather that goes on too long gets annoying.

Between the cold and all the running around I've been doing this week, I feel completely wiped out. I'm going to work from home today and try to relax a little. There's a lot that needs to get done on just about every front, or at least that I would like to get done, which is admittedly different.

May is almost over. Next week I'll have to change the bio at the bottom of the page to read 32.

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