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The religion and philosophy sections. I know, all books look alike.

I was two weeks off in my estimate: Liddy took her first independent steps last night! Not quite ten and a half months. She also has a slew of teeth coming in. Our little baby is less baby-like by the day. Loads of fun and terribly cute still, of course.

The sun rose this morning on an astonishing thing: a clear sky! This makes me feel about as good as another hour of sleep would, although on that front I am catching up a little bit, finally (the household let me stay in bed until 5:30 today). Maybe we can actually go outside today without shielding ourselves in many layers.

It's going to be a busy weekend; the car has to go in for its 100,000-mile checkup, the apartment is showing the effects of housing a toddler-to-be more than usual, there are groceries to be bought and baking to do, we have to start to prepare for June's Whirlwind of Travel, and if I can squeeze in a couple hours worth of "real work" it wouldn't hurt anything. But right now I'm going to sit here and listen to the birds squabble and look at this weird blue thing in the sky, and admire the way the trees have slowly and quietly become luxuriantly green.

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