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Liddy at the park on Saturday.

To catch up on the weekend: Saturday was absolutely marvelous. I got a ton of stuff done, including a long-awaited trip to the park with Lydia. It was fantastically warm after a cold, wet week. She stuck close to the familiarity of the stroller at first, but then gained confidence and went crawling off to explore, falling on her face once in a while due to the slope. Then we went to the drug store and the grocery store, and spent much of the afternoon doing laundry and beating back the forces of entropy (not that you can tell by today that this happened, of course). Progress was also made on the food front: she had a scrambled egg for breakfast, managed to feed herself some banana slices and a couple of Cheerios (though dropping them on the floor one by one soon seemed like more fun), and actually ate most of a jar of third-stage baby food once I gave her a spoon to play with. Meanwhile, the car people were informing my husband that we need lots and lots of work done (quelle surprise).

Sunday was quieter, with lots of high-spirited clouds that never did turn into the rain they threatened. We went for a walk again, but Lydia fell asleep on the way to the park. We strolled through the woods, enjoying the green, wet smell and the little white shade-loving flowers that carpeted the side of the path. We spotted our resident pair of swans, accompanied now by six cygnets. Watched some of a baseball game at the park's field. I made bread--plain old white sandwich bread, soft and light and rather peculiar to me, since I've been doing more hearth-style ones for ages. I've gotten a lot better at making bread since the last time I made a sandwich loaf; my loaves used to be dry and heavy, overburdened with flour and probably underkneaded as well, since the heavy dough used to give my mixer fits. No more, I'm glad to say.

Today, I have to work. No more paid holidays, alas, and I expect to spend the day deep in JBoss documentation. But at least I get to do it in the comfort of my home.

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