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Liddy at the park on Saturday, again.

More Revolution. For some reason everyone was talking very quietly; I had to go back over the material a lot, hence its brevity.

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"You maybe have been cured, but we're not sure. It seems to be a self-sustaining, regenerating process," Cockatrice continued. "We're not positive. If you were anybody else, frankly, what we had to do to stop you would have killed you. But it seems at this point that what it did was drain off the excess energy. Your condition is actually caused by the fact that you spent several weeks sealed inside an energy field that was sustaining you with its own power but not actually upkeeping your body. For the last two weeks continuously."
    Melvin pondered this for a few moments. "Well how do we find out if we're not... please tell me none of you are going to take the direct route and try and touch me?"
    "I'd really rather not. You hit very hard. And that energy blast isn't much fun at all."
    "Are you picking up any energy on him at all?" Thunderbolt asked Ezra.
    "No." Neither were either of us.
    "We'd like to keep you under observation for a while and see how things go," I told him. "It's hard to tell."
    "Under your observation where?"
    "Here, I suppose."
    Legerdemain stepped in. "I have facilities that could be modified at Banner Aerospace. It could be several weeks, several months before we know."
    I shrugged. "Stick around for a couple of days until you're back on your feet."
    "We'll see."
    I hoped it wasn't just the damper on the cell that was keeping him non-Powered; we could try turning it down slowly over the course of the night and see how he looked in the morning. "We'll keep him overnight for observation and then discharge him into Mr. Legerdemain's custody."
    That met with general agreement, though of course it meant that we were further violating the "team-up rules," which gave us visitors a little warm glow, at least, no matter how often Ezra and Cockatrice tried to explain that things were different now than they had been before, that people in general just... didn't quite trust the idea.

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