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In celebration of my freedom [from grad school for the summer] and of the fact that after living in this city for almost exactly four years now, this child of the Pennsylvania suburbs finally feels at home here, I'm listing some of the things I find splendid about Boston. In no particular order:

  • I can walk home from work. Work is technically in a different city than my apartment.
  • Kids play on the sidewalks; they skip rope (!), ride bikes, skate, chase each other randomly. Seeing how much energy kids have makes the premise of The Matrix seem less ridiculous.
  • The river.
  • The footbridge near Harvard.
  • Trolleys.
  • People reading newspapers in Russian and Chinese on those trolleys.
  • There are just enough tall buildings.
  • There are lots and lots and lots of colleges and universities.
  • In the summer, the students go away.
  • Huge heaping gobs of history happened around here; you can't throw a rock without hitting a historic site (or a tourist, anyway).
  • Boston Common.
  • Neighborhoods.
  • Really good bookstores.
  • Street musicians playing "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" (this happened yesterday!).
  • Lots more trees than you'd expect.

I'm sure there are more. I will get to them some other day....

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