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Sex Sells... Yogurt?

This has officially gotten more than ridiculous, not to say insulting. I was listening to the radio the other day, which I should know better than to do, when I heard this commercial. It was for some new kind of yogurt that has crunchy things in it; granola, or chocolate (though the idea of putting chocolate in yogurt seems to nullify the whole point of the stuff, which I thought was supposed to be mortification of the flesh).

Anway, the commercial concerns a man making a call to the yogurt company's customer hotline to complain about this innovation, and how yogurt and crunchies should never mix so brazenly (they used the word brazen, and in a very suggestive tone), sullying the purity of the yogurt with decadent crunchy things. And of course the woman on the customer hotline patiently explained that this was a good thing, and no harm would come of it.

I think the thing that really bothered me was the gratuitous Midwestern accent they gave him, since he was obviously supposed to be some puritanical yokel, contrasting with the blasé East Coast cosmopolitan ways of the woman. I guess that's supposed to be funny in and of itself to people in this part of the country? I just found the whole thing very annoying.

In short, a memo to the advertising world in general: Cut it the heck out!! Use sex to sell legitimate things, like cars, and cosmetics, and soda. Leave the yogurt out of it.

Short rant this week, I've got a lot of transcribing to do....

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