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Cannibal Snack Foods

And another one for the "I just don't get it" files—what is up with the cannibalism motif in snack food commericials? The first time I saw that spot for the new, "crispy" M&Ms (and whose brainstorm was that might I ask) I was completely freaked out. I mean, there's this anthropomorphized M&M standing there watching some human sadist devouring all his near relatives and his girlfriend no less and smiling while he does it?

And then there's the animal cracker one where the happy little animals are out frolicking on the table top until the girl returns and they dash for safety and we all watch in horror as one poor, slow animal straggler is left behind, but the kid is distracted 'cause they've knocked over the milk? And here the audience is on the edge of their seats, expecting some scene from "Wild Kingdom." Survival of the cookie fittest? At least the kid does drink milk with her animated carnage.

Who thinks up this stuff? Who is sitting out there at a Madison Avenue desk saying, "Why yes, I know exactly what will encourage the American public to eat more unhealthy snack foods. You see, they miss the thrill of the chase that primitive man experienced, hunting down his sustenance. Give 'em that. And make it funny."

I don't get it. I really don't.

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