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After "The Revolution Will Be Televised" Brian wanted to take some time off. Dave was in the midst of his Japanese studies and I still don't feel up to GMing in real-time, so Tom was prevailed upon to run something.


  • Ariana ap Rhys - Rebecca
  • Conner of Rhys - Brian
  • Gannon Llywarch - Josh
  • Llweder of Rhys - Dave
  • Meara of Rose - Sue


  • The Mystery of Caer Myrrthin, January 19, 2002. Giddiness prevails; new campaign, new characters, new game system and setting for most of us. We played in Boston, where we are pretty much stuck until I have a job. While we were enjoying an excellent Indian dinner it started snowing like crazy, which cut the session shorter than it might otherwise have run.
  • Roses, February 16, 2002. Things moving along nicely with the adventure. Met in Boston again as I was still jobless at the time. Pizzeria Uno for dinner, since it was a nice warm night and we didn't mind a walk to Porter Square.
  • The Fallen King, March 23, 2002. Brian couldn't make it for this session, but it otherwise went well.
  • Hunted Rose, May 18, 2002. The conclusion, at least for now.


Session 1:
It's not that we didn't say anything funny during the first session, just that we were all so wired that it was hard to pick out actual quotes.

Session 2:
Evil, color-coded for your protection. - Tom

'Cause nothin' says good lovin' like hot leeches from the oven. - Brian

Apparently the sense of self-preservation gets traded around the group, only one of us can have it at a time. - Me

Any second now I'll be forced to kick all your asses, it'll be tragic. - Brian (in-joke)

I will be glad to perform the ceremony merely to get the two of you out of the gene pool. - Llweder on the idea of Gannon and Conner getting married

Well, there's data I didn't need, and I'm the damn GM. - Tom

Session 3:

The god channels are all open, but they're all set to Hel. - Tom

What are you, the sunshine Rhys? - Tom

Would these qualify as the forces of evil? - Meara as we march toward the castle

Session 4:

Is that a horde of ravening Fae? No, it's a sheep. - Josh

I don't feel like doing the area of a cone at the moment. I'm just a pansy. - Tom

When did this become an S&M relationship? - Conner

Based on your definitive skill at reading floral hydra facial features.... - Tom

The enemy's in front of us, in back of us, and to the sides! They won't escape this time. - Llweder

It's a castle. Look, there's a wall, there are horribly Fae chickens. - Llweder (xref Pendragon game)

If that doesn't work we'll have to get you addicted to heroin. - Llweder
Feel the love! ­ Tom '

We really improved this place. Wešre like the Peace Corps! - Llweder

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© 2002 Rebecca J. Stevenson