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Wondering who we are? Our group has been together for a while now. We meet monthly because of travel time and just plain time constraints.

If rated by the Motion Picture Association of America, I believe our games would warrant a PG-13 for language, occasionally graphic violence, and the rare sexual situation.

Here are the adventures we have undergone together, arranged by status.

The Star Change (pbem) Spelljammer In progress
  • Descriptions for all characters
  • Complete game chronicle
Liberty League (pbem) V&V In progress Has a new home.
Variants V&V (heavily modified) In progress
  • Four campaigns in one universe: Revolution, Section 8, Host, and Ground Zero.
  • Extensive background notes, NPC heroes and villains (with index!)
  • Character sheets
  • Character sketches (Section 8 only)
  • House rules
  • Complete game chronicle for the Revolution campaign; outlines for the Host and Section 8 campaigns
  • Quote list (Revolution only)
Threshold OD&D Indefinite hiatus
  • 1 character description
  • Complete game chronicle (only 2 sessions)
  • Quote list
Wonders of the Northern Woods Earthdawn (heavily modified) Indefinite hiatus?
  • Campaign background notes
  • Complete game chronicle
  • House rules
  • Quote list
The Tiger Hermit & the Monkey Paladin AD&D Complete
  • Game chronicle (one-shot)
Untitled Chivalry & Sorcery Complete
  • Cast list
  • Game chronicle
To Dance on the Rim of the World Pendragon Concluded, in theory
  • Complete game chronicle
What If? (pbem) Marvel Superheroes Dead
  • Character sheets
  • Complete game chronicle

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