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Who Are We?

This photo was taken September 9, 2000. Tom is at the far left, then Josh. I'm the one in the white dress. Next to me are Dave and Brian. For some idea of the relative heights, I'm 5' 2". Leah's not in the picture, because at the time she wasn't gaming with us, and for Dan see below.

Rebecca and Dave
That's myself and my husband. He introduced me to gaming shortly after we got together in December 1993. The two of us moved to Boston in June of 1995, straight out of college, and didn't have much of a life for the next year + as we struggled to establish ourselves. I worked at a bookstore, he worked at a coffee shop, we were exhausted all the time and packed six to a two-bedroom apartment... oh, the joys of financial independence.

Brian and Tom
AKA "The Connecticut Gang." Brian was living in Boston when we were introduced (early 1997) but returned to his native Connecticut and lovely fiancée Rachel in August of 1997 (they were married in January 1999). Brian had gone to UConn along with Tom, so the latter's eventual addition to the group was entirely natural.

An old college friend who lived with me and Dave while we were in school and then again when he moved to Boston in 1998, Josh joined our merry band in January, 2000, for the Earthdawn-ish campaign, then joined the Revolution as well. Josh has his own Web site, which has nothing to do with gaming but lots and lots to do with hockey.

Dan (see right) is an honorary group member, having twice made the long trip up from New York City just to be in one of our games, and guest stars as Privateer in the Revolution campaign. He is not to my knowledge a serial killer or terrorist, and usually looks more cheerful than this; the photo was taken after being extensively rained on while we were getting to the bus station.

No picture available, or rather none she's given me permission to put here. Another college friend we lured to Boston with tales of a wonderful city where good jobs fall off trees, ripe for the picking. Her arrival made it possible to form a second gaming group, inaugurated with Dave's D&D campaign. Unfortunately, this didn't last long before she moved to Buffalo.

Amber is not strictly speaking a member of the group, but she does like to play with our toys.

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