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  • Jared Fisher - Josh
  • Terzin Bufon - Dave
  • Robin Bufon - Rebecca
  • Harrick Orcblood - Tom

Geography of the World
History of the Midland Monarchies
Welcome to Crapaud! (aka "Toadtown") - this page removed to prevent copyright conflict, as the content now appears on Pyramid.


  • Chapter 1, January 22, 2000. Based on "The Crypt of Istaris" by Richard Fichera, as published in Dungeon Magazine #9.
  • Chapter 2.
  • Chapter 3, April 7, 2000
  • Chapter 4, May 13, 2000. Based on "Return to the Keep on the Borderlands" by John D. Rateliff. Connecticut; the Thrifty Car Adventure turned what should have been a day trip into an overnight and provided us with a great story to trot out whenever the subject of rental cars comes up.
  • Chapter 5, June 17, 2000. An extremely hot and humid day in Boston, broken in the late afternoon by a small thunderstorm. Not the guys' favorite weather, but I think we did pretty well anyway. I made omelets and cinnamon rolls, Brian brought donuts, and after we had stuffed ourselves we got started around noon. Broke for Chinese after the storm had died away, and finished up a little after eight.
  • Chapter 6, July 22, 2000. Boston again, the weather was better, we had more fans going. Got started around 11:30, played for six hours, walked out to a Thai restaurant in Harvard Square, talked about Tenchi Muyo for a while, picked up again and kept going until nearly 11. Absolutely excellent session. We were so sure we were all going to die.
  • Chapter 7, August 26, 2000. Boston. This game requires only one word to sum it up: OUCH. I don't think I've ever been in a session where the party, me included, made so many bad mistakes. And none of us will ever look kindly on a cat again. On the up side, we got a lot of quotes out of this one.
  • Quote List

As I did with the Revolution games, these sessions were taped, then more or less transcribed. I've summarized where it seemed best and changed a word or two where someone obviously misspoke, but other than that what you see is pretty much what we said. Also like the Revolution, this game rapidly acquired a tagline of sorts that will make no sense at all to people who weren't there:

"You know what, Bill? I like brains."
"Me, too, Tim."

And then of course there was the bear....

"I boiled the Earthdawn rules until all the flesh fell off, then grew new flesh on top of it." - Brian

These rules are entirely Brian's fault; please e-mail me if you have questions, opinions, gasps of horror, etc., and I will forward them to him. I've tried to break things up into manageable chunks and keep the length of individual sections short to make it easier to find what you're looking for.

Brian's Introduction: "Both the world and the mechanics use Earthdawn as a jumping off point, so those of you familiar with them will see several similarities, but keep in mind that this packet is more correct than the ED rulebook. I've gone to great lengths to streamline and simplify the mechanical confusion out of ED while keeping the options open. Likewise, I've used some of the concepts and themes of ED while editing out the parts I didn't care for, so the same warnings apply."

  1. Character Creation
    1. Basic Mechanics
    2. Races and Attributes
    3. Adepts, Karma and Talents
    4. Skills and Sub-skills
    5. Money and Equipment
    6. Passions
    7. Glory
  2. Skills
    1. Introduction
    2. Athletics
    3. Charm
    4. Craft
    5. Durability
    6. Faith (Raelism)
    7. Faith (Incarnate)
    8. Gaming
    9. Guild Secrets (Entertainers)
    10. Guild Secrets (Smiths)
    11. Guild Secrets (Thieves)
    12. Healing
    13. Horsemanship
    14. Knowledge
    15. Language Skills
    16. Lore (Beasts)
    17. Lore (Elementalism)
    18. Lore (Wizardry)
    19. Melee Combat
    20. Missile Combat
    21. Performance
    22. Presence
    23. Sailing
    24. Stealth
    25. Training (Archery)
    26. Training (Battle)
    27. Training (Fencing)
    28. Training (Magic)
    29. Unarmed Combat
    30. Wisdom (Rural)
    31. Wisdom (Wilderness)
    32. Wisdom (Urban)
    33. Wisdom (Society)
    34. Wisdom (Church)
  3. Equipment
    1. Weapons
    2. Protective Measures
    3. Animals and Transport
    4. Clothing
    5. Provisions
    6. Equipment and Services
  4. Combat, Damage, and Recovery
    1. Rounds, Actions, & Resolving Attacks
    2. Options, Modifiers, & Grappling
    3. Types of Combat
    4. Effects of Injury
  5. The Incarnate Deities

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© 1999, 2000 Rebecca J. Stevenson