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Heroes, villains, bits of world history... everything that makes our game world come alive for us. Great for casual browsing or for those, like me, who enjoy obsessively picking out all the intertwining threads between the numerous campaigns that created the Variants Universe.

To date, fairly detailed information exists for four of the campaigns run since the inception of this universe. The dates indicate the years each campaign covers in the game universe, with an indication of its status. The available information varies from one campaign to another

The Revolution (1987, in progress)
The only one (so far) I've been a part of, and therefore the best-chronicled of the lot. Naturally I think of this game as taking place in the "present" of the game world, even though another campaign has already mapped out a good bit of the future.

The Host (1980, complete)
Warning: contains major revelations. After Brian finally let me read it (after the Revolution went on hold), I spent about twenty minutes pacing around my apartment going, "S---! You son of a b----!" Unfortunately, our Revolution characters remain blissfully ignorant of oh, so many things....

Section Eight (1987-1991, complete)
See the future of the Variants Universe through the eyes of a bunch of overpowered college kids. I'm still kind of sorry I was going to a college in a different state while this game was going on, although I got quite a bit out of Allegheny (particularly Dave), so I can't really complain.

Ground Zero (1980 - 1986, complete)
In real-world chronology, this one came first. The truth is very different from what is mentioned in the Background section. What the public doesn't know won't hurt them, right?

Even a cursory glance at any of the character sheets on this site should make a true-blue Second Editon V&V-er do a double-take. This is the part of the site that attempts to explain what the heck Brian thinks he's doing. I'll do my best to keep them up to date... no promises.

Legal disclaimers regarding the information on this part of the site. Also, see the credits, as exhaustive a list as Brian could make of everyone whose efforts have gone into creating the history and future of the game world we play in. Take a bow, guys!

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