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This campaign began as a one-shot waaaay back in 1997; we picked it up again when the Revolution went into its first hiatus in early 1999. It has the quality of mythic surrealism that is one of Dave's hallmarks as GM, and we had an incredible time. As a bonus, there are a lot of loose ends hanging in the event that we want to pick this one up again some day.


Pendragon character sheets are too bloody complicated to translate to HTML, at least until some day when I'm really bored. A brief dramatis personae:

  • Sir Aeron of Winterbourne - Tom (AKA "Critical Hit King"); wealthy, ludicrously good at heraldry, and when necessary, seriously kicking butt.
  • Sir Elffin the Cunning - Brian; party leader by virtue of being the brightest of the bunch and the only one with real plans. Plus, he's ridiculously good-looking.
  • Sir Richard the Bold - Rebecca; Elffin's cousin, easy-going and sort of the "average guy" in the group; his main hobbies are hunting and being really bad with women.
  • Sir Rupert the Valorous (inactive) - (Name witheld at player request); the most impulsive member of the party and the best swordsman. He means well and learns quickly.


Primarily for reasons of exhaustion, I didn't keep anywhere near as intense a chronicle of this game as I have of the Revolution, but I did take notes on our adventures. You'll notice we took certain liberties with the rules regarding winter phases and the passage of time in general.


Alas, I didn't keep good track of these at all, but here's a paltry few that were salvaged from the mists of time:

It's not even a castle. - Rebecca
There's a wall, there are chickens! - Tom

My, you're the cutest blue monkey-demon I've ever seen! - Tom

I don't hunt, I wander around in the woods until something attacks me, then I beat it to death. - Tom

Forgive me Father, for I am. - Brian gets sarcastic about Richard's lifestyle.

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