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This is a one-shot that we played 7/19/03, when Josh couldn't make the Revolution game. You may have noticed that the only session here is "Part VI;" that's because the idea of the game was that this was one in a continuing series of adventures for these characters. We might play one or two of them out some day (which is one reason to have this page for the "campaign," the other being a nod to the overall site structure).

My character didn't merit a mention in the title for some reason....



There will be no bad Indian accents. Dave

Once you eliminate the impossible, all that's left is someone using screwy magical abilities. Brian

I'm going back to practice some Tantric sex with the thing under the blanket, I'll be catching up with y'all later. Brian

Aaaa! me making one of many very, very bad rolls

You can't just let gold sit around, not doing anything. It's disrespectful. me

She's a big, glowing sign: Eat at Joe's Evil. Dave

The evil impersonates the armies of Haruman! No one suspects the armies of Haruman! Dave
Well, not of evil... of many other things, perhaps. Tom

Buta-nummies. A product of Ralston-Purina Corporation. Tom
Corpsages. It's corpses!! Dave

Are you sure you're not working for the enemy? Brian after Bec fails her fourth attack roll in a row

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