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"Cause, hey, we're the good guys!" - Powerhouse



The Justice Defenders

The Justice Defenders were originally formed in 1984 by Alchemy, Moondancer, NRG, Powerhouse and Tigress. While the group contained a great deal of raw power, Moondancer was the only real leader, and he preferred solo operations. Just after the Daemonwar the group disbanded, primarily due to internal frictions.
    A few months later Survivor appeared in the Chicago area, attracting quite a bit of attention to reforming the Justice Defenders. The public liked the idea and the group would have funding from Orion Space Sciences, the developers of the Survivor armor, as well as Taurus Industries and other Chicago-based businesses. Survivor is a charismatic man, and was able to pull a new group together around him and make it work. The current Justice Defenders has its main base in Chicago, with additional outposts in Seattle and San Francisco. Its current membership consists of Blind Faith, Eclipse, Flora, Survivor, Alchemy, T-Bird, Powerhouse, Tigress and Neon Tetra. Well funded, they have state of the art technology and funds to repair property damage.
    Their ties to Orion Space Sciences are not overly binding, but important. To Orion the group is too good a PR ploy to risk their leaving, and the team is unlikely to follow unpleasant orders regardless, but are amenable to helping when asked. While Survivor is the official team leader, and excels at the day-to-day leadership difficulties, he hands combat command over to Alchemy or Blind Faith: he is a scientist & administrator, not a tactician.
    The new Justice Defenders have ties with the US government; with the death of several prominent government variants, including Ground Zero, and the decision to close the USArmy variant division, MEDUSA has turned to the Justice Defenders when they need a more firepower. The Justice Defenders are welcome in and granted privileges by both the UK and Israel, due to the presence of Tigress and Alchemy.

A former Mossad agent and spy, she gained elemental transmutation powers from exposure to strange bio-toxins while on a mission of personal revenge. She still has excellent ties with the Israeli government.

Acrobat, martial artist, detective and scientist, scarred by events in his childhood, he now hunts criminals as they hunt civilians. This darkness-controlling variant sees himself as the sole defender of New York City. Inactive.

Kurt Van Bluth is an amazingly strong variant whose biological strength is backed by limited psionic and telekinetic powers. Too powerful to take life seriously, he is still every inch the hero.

Daughter of British royalty, she was infected with felineathropy, but has overcome the curse aspects while maintaining the powers. She is both sexy and dangerous, and makes her living as a fashion model.

Scientist who gained force field powers from an energy accident, he was a brilliant researcher but a headstrong hero. The source of much friction on the original team, he gave his life in the Daemonwar.

Engineer and marine biologist in an armored suit armed with laser technology, he is the current team leader and liaison to their funding company, Orion Space Sciences (who also own the Survivor armor).

Blind Faith
Variant martial artist whose enhanced bio-aura and ability to sense other living things both enhances his prowess and compensate for his blindness. The team's philosopher and tactician, he has traveled the globe more than once.

Younger sister of Moondancer, she was adopted by a solid conservative suburban family. She shares her brother's darkness powers but not his obsession—she makes up for that with 10,000 watts of enthusiasm.

A tough as nails and smooth as 20 year old scotch, T-Bird is a PI and a damn fine one. He claims to have been time-shifted by Mobius during the 1950's, but there's no proof. He's also lucky as sin.

A young Asian variant from San Francisco cursed with a plant's body and a human soul, she is a hero because there is no where else that society will accept her.

Neon Tetra
The creation of the mad geneticist Dr. Twilight, this fish woman is alien to the surface world but at home under the waves. Heroing comes naturally to her, though the law confuses her endlessly.

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