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Here we have a timeline for the Variants Universe, culled from the Background information. There are some gaps and uncertain dates, and the order of events within a year is not concrete, but it's really kind of amazing to see it all in one fell swoop like this, I think.

1919Captain Tomorrow begins adventuring career
1920Stingray begins adventuring career
1921Danger Asante begins adventuring career
1922Appearance of Stormwolf in London
192?MEDUSA created
1928Jann and Danger Asante meet during the Case of the Desert Dilemma
1930Stormwolf gains control of powers, stops killing quite so many people
1934Captain Tomorrow retires, vanishes
193?Stingray vanishes
193?Appearance of Lepidopterist, Muse, Sphinx, Toy Man, Molly Irish and other "Game" villains
1936Mollusk appears
1937formation of the Danger Squad
Lepidopterist internalizes pheromone powers
1938First gamma-level variants recorded
1939Killer Thunder suit discovered, begins predation
Mollusk vanishes
1940Silver Centurion imprisoned
1943Aviatrix killed in action against the Germans
1944Jann's death in battle against the Nazis
1945Dr. Templar and Miss Twilight marry
Commander Nazi shut down
"Fourth Reich" community formed in Argentina
1946Stormwolf retires
1952Stormchild born to Dr. Templar and Miss Twilight (sister Balance born later?)
195?!dar under Mortius' control kidnapping variants
1953Danger Squad disbands
1954Death of the Great Hunt
Variants vanish from the world scene
1958Windjammers rise to prominence
1962Sa Hud and Crystal Dragons destroyed (?) by the Windjammers
1963Dolphin appears, fights the Crystal Dragons
Variants begin appearing again
Chinese government begins variant recruitment/indoctrination program
1965Death in prison of "Fast Eddie" Filmore
Nocturne I begins vigilante career
Shtorm appears
Stormchild's debut
1967Mariner Corporation formed by J. T. Leonard and the former Windjammers
1968Aquarians appear
Centauri appears
Flower Children form in London
Centauri vanishes in space
1969Sunrise's powers emerge, joins Aquarians
First contact with Galactic Council
Greer exiled to Earth from the Twilight Realms
1969-1970Aquarians disappear, involved in resolution of Pellambran conflict
1970Variant/Human Rights Act passed in the US
Dr. Templar killed by Greer
Dolphin declares war on whaling
Comet appears
Centigrade appears
1971Pyre appears
1972Plovians arrive in solar system, gear up for war
197?CHIMERA created
Gabriel Michaels works at Taurus Industries
1973Dr.s Dutton and Beckett perform illegal research into cloning and variance induction; appearance of Baron Mind
Crystal Lynn's death (suicide?) from a drug overdose; possibly related disappearance of Sophomore; Flower Children disband
Stars change alignment, Concordance loses powers
1974Aquarians disband
Francis Bouie's variance manifests
197?Chinese government attacks Black Dragon Monastery
Michaels discovers existence of WCL, Taurus' role
1975Dr. Cold becomes Dr. Fimbulwinter
Bouie and Lady Greystoke marry
1976Ultra imprisoned by Stormchild
1977Nocturne I retires
Sargeant Master Stryker marries high school sweetheart Penelope-Sue
1978Greer imprisoned
Prospero disappears
CIA agent Shannon Burkowski dies, complications arising from experimental cancer surgery.
Tempest appears
1979Dolphin sinks Soviet submarine
Comet retires
Bouie approached by the Pentagon to build military suits
1980Formation of the Host
Miss Twilight's death (natural causes)
Flower Children reunite to fight Greer with Stormchild, who is killed; Greer imprisoned
Deaths of John Lennon and Dove at the hands of Luther Kensington
Black Dragon appears in Harborview
Dragonhand appears
Death appears
Spyder appears
Crystal Dragons becoming active again
Black Dragon defeats Metalfist, who is then subverted by the Sidari
The Host encounters Mobius, finds evidence of coming Plovian invasion
Ground Zero members acquire powers
Dr. Fimbulwinter becomes Lord Fimbulwinter
Trans Bialka facility linked to the Black Rose destroyed by The Host
Felix Javelin returns to the US
1981Danger Asante's death reported by Apollyon
Expose on Crystal Dragons published by Karin Cless, LA Time reporter
Ground Zero formed, battles TECH at New Horizons
Sisterhood appears in L.A.
Tempest Scenario: SysGen goes into business (WCL front company), hires Felix Javelin
Ground Zero forms in Harborview
Gila killed by Ground Zero
The Host issues warnings of Plovian invasion
Nocturne I dies of cancer
198?Commander Nazi reactivated
1982Coven attempt to open Daemongrid in Carribean disrupted by Ground Zero
Spyder visits Harborview
Nocturne's company NightCom becomes TI subsidiary
Tempest disappears
1983Plovians invade Earth.
Plovians surrendur. War casualties: Sunrise (Aquarians); Black Flag (Ground Zero)
Felix Javelin leaves SysGen, travels to the East Coast, institutionalized after crimes
1984Flame 1 captured, Flame II appears
Detroit Warriors form
Justice Defenders form
? Comet commits suicide
Death thought killed by Ground Zero (turned out to be still alive)
Nightengale arrives in London
Anthony Taurus leaves Taurus Industries
1985Tempest Scenario: WCL releases clones, SysGen dissolved
Metalfist entirely under Sidari control
Assassins' Pantheon broken up
It trapped in Earth orbit by Split Second
Ultra released from its prison by a drilling accident
Taurus elected mayor of New York
1986Tempest Scenario: clones' TK powers become active
Anthony Giabaldi dies, possibly murdered by Concussion
Shadowjack dies? possibly murdred by Concussion
Novel based on Black Flag's life published
Madame Portent and friends decamp to Europe, re-form Carnival
Black Dragon injured in a battle with Sidari. A Black Dragon appears in China to defend the Monastery against government action
The Pack formed
Daemonwar. Casualties: Impulse, Black Dragon, Orion, Wild Card, possibly Split Second (Ground Zero); NRG (Justice Defenders); possibly Death; Sabertooth
1987Revolution forms in Boston
Manhattan Project forms in New York
Susan Bates (SB3) killed by Traveler
Swordbearers form in Harborview
Mollusk reappears, joins Swordbearers
Wyld revealed as BLF agent
Wuxia appear
Felix Javelin escapes
Revolution destroys WCL lab in Poughkeepsie, NY (with considerable help from the self-destructs). Tempest sighted.
Future members of Section 8 start at Lancaster
New Sabertooth appears
Penumbra form, have mysterious adventures
1988Hampington and VelJohnson are killed (again)
Baron Mind takes control of SHRIMP
Section 8 forms, defeats Mobius, accidentally creates him and sends him backwards in time

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