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For those of you still drastically confused about the order of events (and I wouldn't blame you), this may help you put things into better perspective. - Ed.

  1. A Gathering of Angels
    Team Recruitment. The team includes Lazarus Murdoch (Apollyon), Jill Morris (Rashiel), Nathan Levinson (ENOCH) and Midori Olafson (Uriel). Support Staff led by Istanbul (Izzy) Smith and Joanne Moore. Bladethirst appears in downtown LA, stealing plans for Fort West and SETI sites. First public appearance of the Host.

  2. The Sword is Drawn
    Host battles Bladethirst in downtown LA, defeating him. Introduction of Det. Deaver Harris, LA detective. Host's training facilities go on-line in California's desert, accessed via high speed underground transit from LA. Photographer Carl Nyberg observes their training and promises to keep quiet in exchange for information.

  3. Old Means of Worship
    Myans partially anchor their pocket dimension over LA. This causes a lot of strangeness in Los Angeles, as the city starts to change and the Host battles Frog Warriors and cultists. First appearance of Alexis Rashamon (weather witch) and Harry Griswold (former Spear, now Twilight Prophet).

  4. Before the Angels Came
    With the aid of Yasmina Rajid, the Host enters the twilight and blocks full anchoring of the Mayan dimension (though it is still present near the Twilight LA). Uriel rips out the heart of the Mayan Lung (now kept at The Grill). Griswold committed, several Mayan cultists and warriors loose in real world.

  5. First Contact
    CHIMERA, a Plovian spy and The Host attempt to infiltrate Fort West at the same time. The Plovian escapes via matter transmission, New Horizon prototype battle suits are destroyed. Rashiel seriously injures CHIMERA Agent Charles Semron. Gabriel convinces Bouie not to produce any more armored suits for Army.

  6. Last Encounter
    Mobius appears in Host HQ, briefly battling team and escaping with copies of ENOCH body and Uriel armor. Analysis of equipment reveals extraterrestrial technology. This, combined with information from Fort West, makes Gabriel estimate an invasion in 5 years. This is Host's last encounter with Mobius from his perspective.

  7. Broken River
    Investigation on the BLF massacre in Broken River AZ, discovery of BLF base in Nevada, one of several BLF bases secretly in the US. Host attacks, encounters Variant resistance in the form of a member of the Four Angels—descendents of the Nazi Übermensch programs—and the BLF field leader Spirit of the Cat

  8. Shattered Dreams
    Attack on Nevada BLF base continues. Host rescues one captured variant (though there are questions as to his condition), prevent kidnapping of another. Spirit of the Cat escapes, the North Wind poisons himself to avoid capture (this later turns out to be a catalepsy drug).

  9. Husbands & Wives 1
    Lazarus meets Rebecca Gold, a young journalism student who mirrors his dead wife; Midori hired by Takimani Corp. for an exorbitant fee; Nathan analyzes Plovian transmission signal & tells Janice Michael Rosen's history. Introduction of Jeremy "Jerry" Green (a.k.a. Zachrael). Jill and Lazarus put the brakes on their near-relationship, and Jill throws herself into her work. The archangels raid a BLF base in South America.

  10. Husbands & Wives 2
    Rebecca revealed as reincarnation of LoriBeth, while Lazarus dreams of her and his murder; Jill's ex-husband Jake returns, on the run from Spider of the WCL. Spider/WCL/Jake/Japanese Ambassador plot unfolds. Midori looks into Takamani and her family history. Jerry has strange meeting with Señor Q at his club; Q apparently knows his reputation, but not his alliances and tries to warn him off.

  11. Mothers & Fathers 1
    Midori discovers her mother's Yakuza history, and that she is missing in Japan; Jill hears of the disappearance of Martial Arts rival Carrie Kopek. Host interrupts a Mayan cultural concert that is the cover for a Frog-Cult ritual. The ritual alters technological laws, rendering the Host armors useless. The Frog Prince escapes but his assistants are killed. Nathan discovers Rosen stole Plovian transmission data from UI computers via a hypnotized Janice.

  12. Mothers & Fathers 2
    The Host and AriAki rescue Midori's mother from a Yakuza/Crystal Dragon prison, and do battle with the dreaded "Little Japanese Man" robot. Mrs. Olafson and Lazarus approached by Chandler Prentice, where the elder three learn their mutual connection to their father-figure turned enemy Luther Kensington. Jill meets Señor Q, the producer of the Mayan culture movie that her agent thought was such a good deal.

  13. Angels in Shadow
    Zachriel and ENOCH infiltrate Trans-Bialka, Michael Rosen's base of operations. There they discover the terrible truths about the government and history of Trans-Bialka, and Zachriel does battle with the country's vampire chief of security. Captain Awesome rescues January Rain from the 1000 Cranes training base in China. Rebecca discovers her new eye color and appendectomy scar.

  14. Angels in Light
    Zachriel and ENOCH complete their mission in Trans-Bialka—the Plovian transmission data destroyed, Rosen in a coma from his battle with ENOCH—with the assistance of Maria de Riveria, a mystic from the Illuminated Brotherhood. Rashiel, Apollyon and Uriel engage in another raid on BLF holdings in South America. Awesome and Rain make it from China to Hawaii. Lazarus meets with mystics to discover what's happening to Rebecca.

  15. Angels and Cranes 1
    Midori discovers that Izzy is a variant and suddenly terminates their relationship. Jill qualifies for the WUMAL tournament. Flight of 1000 Cranes catch up with Capt. Awesome and January Rain in LA, attempting to bring her back to China. Obviously this draws the Host's attention, and they intervene with great force. Uriel causes significant collateral damage her unfocused rage.

  16. Angels and Cranes 2
    Flight of 1000 Cranes fight concludes in a physical draw but a political checkmate as Host arranges for Rain's sanctuary in US. The Flight is obviously a force that the Host will have to keep close tabs on. Before anything else can happen, Rain predicts a nuclear holocaust in 48 hours, with missiles launched into LA from the bay. Trans-Bialkan intelligence chief rouses Rosen with drugs, which wake him but paralyze his legs.

  17. 22:13:59
    The Host determines that the BLF will be responsible for the attack, and tracks BLF activity to stop their launching of Polaris missiles from a Trident submarine in the LA harbor. Pressed for time, they call in the aid of MEDUSA and the WCL, seeing even that group as the lesser evil. Seraph leads a 5 man team in after Jerry requests aid; the WCL unleashes the Sisterhood on California's underworld to find BLF connections.

  18. 00:00:01
    With the combined efforts of the Host, January Rain and Captain Awesome, and legwork by MEDUSA and the WCL, the Host manages to stop the BLF missiles from hitting Los Angeles. This ratchets up the scrutiny on the Host. Lazarus reveals Rain's importance in his past, and she and Awesome look for a place safe from the Flight. WCL agents the Sisterhood take the BLF variant Mirage prisoner without Host contact.

  19. The Sword of the Enemy
    Plovian agent helps Bladethirst escape, but is tracked by the Host to his HQ. He battles them, only to be killed when his matter transmission equipment goes awry. Bladethirst escapes in the confusion. Lazarus contacted by Ben Casey re: new album and strange occurrences. Dove and John Lennon killed in New York. Jerry starts tracking down BLF funding. Nathan analyzes BLF memory pills. Jill meets Rick, a historian of Central American culture.

  20. The Weapons of Tomorrow, the Tactics of Today
    Mobius appears, fighting Plovian creature over the city. The Host takes remnants of the creature for study. Lazarus, Casey, and LoriBeth end up in New York for funeral; Lazarus investigates murders, seeing Kensington's handiwork. Prentice returns to LA, recruiting Midori's help against Kensington. Jill has talk with Warren Samuel, discussing Kopek's disappearance. Jerry continues to track down BLF funding, fighting off an assassin squad.

  21. The Design of Memory
    Jill meets with Samuel again, discovering her has no knowledge of their last encounter. Jill is ambushed at home by the Sisterhood, who beat her unconscious and remove her memory. Nathan decodes structure of memory pills, tracks supply as far as Church of Divine Harmony, which Jerry has just discovered has possible ties to BLF. Jerry infiltrates a Church compound, and discovers theft of memory drug secrets by Trans-Bialkan intelligence chief.

  22. The Black Rose Garden
    ENOCH, Uriel and Zachriel launch an attack on Trans-Bialka to destroy their factory for building synthetic memory. The affair leads to Rosen's near death, his being embraced as a vampire and then his killing his sire (the intelligence chief) and escaping, more powerful than ever. Jill and Lazarus probe the holes in her memory, recovering the lost information about her unknown attackers and Kopek. Prentice tracks 'Q-Frog War.'

  23. Events Cascade
    Lazarus and Jill track her attackers, which leads to WCL activity and first definitive encounter with Sisterhood. They are (alas) out of armor, and barely escape. Midori becomes Prentice's familiar and the pair start following up on Q-Frog war and the chance that Kensington is behind it. Jerry approached by SSM: they want to hire him to help destroy a possible WCL variant creation facility in Costa Diablo.

  24. Wings Outspread, Weapons High
    Jill starts final filming on Mayan Cultural film, witnesses assassination attempt on Señor Q by Frog Prince. Midori and Prentice track Kensington, prove that he is manipulating events, find spot where Q intends to perform Mayan anchoring ceremony. Jerry joins SSM unit into Costa Diablo, with Apollyon as backup. LoriBeth kidnapped by Frog Prince right after Lazarus leaves country, stores her right next to Midori's mom.

  25. Wrath of Angels
    Zachriel and Apollyon prevent SSM theft of WCL genetics data, WCL construction of Rainfall Project tech in Costa Diablo. Q creates ley line to Mayan temple in Costa Diablo to act as anchor. Rashiel and Uriel stop actual anchoring ceremony. Rashiel stops Frog Princes' sacrifices of Gold, Olafson and Prentice. Zachriel breaks ley line right after Apollyon uses it to 'teleport' back to LA. Uriel drives off half-formed demon that was to be Kensington's new body. Apollyon kills Kensington.

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