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Character Sheet: Albert Gabriel Smith
Name: Commander Psychosis, Doc Mesmer, Hey it's the short guy in the hat!
Identity: Albert Gabriel Smith
Player: David
Experience: 1000
Affiliation: Revolution
Campaign Location: Boston
Sex: Male
Age: 28
Level: 1
Archetype: Dignified/Egotistical
Power synopsis: A parapsychologist whose studies into the history of mesmerism released his own considerable mental powers, including superhuman willpower and the ability to place illusions in the minds of others.
Weight: 120

Strength: 14
   Bonus (+1)
Agility: 11
   Bonus (+0) physical accuracy
Endurance: 21
   Bonus (3)
Basic Hits: 3      Agility Mod: +2

Presence: 16
   Bonus (+2) reactions, mental accuracy
Intelligence: 13
   Bonus (+1) damage modifier
Willpower: 36
   Bonus (+6)
HP Mods (1.2)(2.6)(1.9) = 5.928
Healing Rate: 1.8
Carrying Capacity: 290
Basic HTH: 1d4
Hit Points: 18
Fatigue Points: 18
Wound Points: 21
Evasion Score:
Movement Rates: Running = 23    Sprinting = 46
Powers Description
Trained Willpower Years of meditation, self-hypnosis, and focus have boosted his Willpower by 10 points, bringing it to near the human maximum. Even at this level his mind was superb, immune to low-end Psionics, mystical interference or other tampering, and could be reinforced to block surface telepathy and identification.
Variant Willpower In the course of his training, Smith passed some sort of mental threshold, opening much broader aspects of his mind and will, increasing his Willpower by another 13 points. He can quickly shrug off mid-range mental or mystical intrusion. To low-end psychics, he simply does not register, preventing surface telepathy or identification. On the mundane level, he can perform remarkable feats of memory and bodily control. He never forgets names or faces, can reconstruct entire conversations or recite passages of text which have been skimmed once; he can hold his breath for extended periods, control his sleep patterns, and feign death. While these abilities are probably variant in nature, Smith holds firm to his belief that this is a potential inherent in all humans, if they would only emulate his techniques.
Hypnotic Illusions Smith can plant illusions that affect all of a target's natural senses and have a strong emotional component. He determines the nature of the illusion when generating it, and then leaves it running in the target's mind; if left alone, it will persist until the target overcomes it. He can direct only one target's illusions on an action, but can have an infinite number of illusions running simultaneously. He has little control over the results of the emotional component of the illusion. For example, an illusion of spiders crawling over someone might produce distaste, revulsion, panic, fear, or in some cases pleasure or catatonia, depending upon the target's psyche. He can induce illusions which freeze an opponent into immobility, either through terror or illusory bindings.
Mind Over Matter Smith can combine his high Willpower and self-mesmerism to maximize his physical endurance, increasing it by 9 points.
Research Psychologist Smith is an experienced psychologist, with focuses into the research applications of the field: how psychoses start, how to mitigate them, etc. He is experienced in researching any sort of problem and at putting what he finds into a coherent picture, and is well versed in psychology both in theory and in practice.
Parapsychology One of his focuses in his field, he is an expert in the realm of parapsychology, from mesmerism to astral projection to aspects of telepathic contact. He has read most of the books in this field and has volumes of information at his disposal, but has not published himself.
Occult Similar to his standing in parapsychology, this is a field of interest for Albert, and he has researched it heavily, although he is not a practitioner.
European History Smith has always been interested in this topic and has read a variety of texts on the subject, particuarly concentrating on the French Enlightenment. He can speak French and deeply disdains the English.

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