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Albert Gabriel Smith
(moved to NPC status)
Short, Napoleonic mesmerist. Walks with the aid of a cane after an encounter with TECH; he's no longer on active duty but continues to help out.

Department: Exposition, indignation.

Quote: "The mind has many more powers than most would acknowledge, but if they would only follow my techniques, they could harness them. C'est non?"

Costume: Top hat and tails.

Lucky Charm
Child of Mafia parents (deceased) and a former enforcer for the organization, she is overcoming her tendencies toward violence, helped by the fact that she is Chandler's familiar.

Department: Muscles, moodiness.

Quote: "Growl."

Costume: Black jeans, black t-shirt, black leather jacket, black motorcycle boots, mystical black gloves.

Needle Reluctant de facto team leader. Currently recovering from a nervous breakdown after finding out that almost her whole life never happened. Somewhat oncerned that she's perceived as "the sane one" by some people.

Department: Worrying.

Quote: "Maybe we should make a plan before we—guys? Guys? Oh, shit."

Costume: Black coverall, low black boots.

Phoenix Talon Martial artist. Spends way too much time reading Shadow Assassin magazine and assorted comic books and listening to Motley Crue. Recently returned from Japan, where he's been learning to be a real ninja.

Department: Enthusiastic mayhem.

Quote: "Baaaaaaanzaaaaaiiiiii!"

Costume: Orange and silver Spandex® full-body costume with a feathery crest (no mask).

Everybody's favorite ex-Nazi refugee. Took off for parts unknown—before his fellow team members could strangle him. Guess we know his $%*#$&@! secret background now.

Department: Wagnerian tragedy mixed with extensive property and PR damage.

Quote: "I have no brother!"

Costume: Bright blue Spandex® full-body costume with an orange flame on the chest (no mask).

Scott Silver A robot built of liquid superconducting metal. The most well-balanced of the team, he likes to watch TV, listen to the radio, and read Phoenix Talon's comic collection. All at the same time.

Department: Ingenuousness.

Quote: "Hey! Cut that out!" (said to villain)

Costume: None.

Thunderbolt A highly trained and experienced former member of the US Navy's Majestic 12 variant intelligence corps, Thunderbolt's powers revolve around energy manipulation.

Department: Square-jawed heroics.

Quote: "You never know what kind of criminal scum I might run into in the streets."

Costume: Black military-cut fatigues, combat boots, shirt and jacket. The shirt has a yellow lightning bolt running across the chest, and he wears a black cowl, which conceals the upper part of his face.

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