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Character Sheet: Promethean
Name: Promethean
Identity: Hans Shmidt
Player: Dave
Experience: 400
Affiliation: Revolution
Campaign Location: Boston
Sex: Male
Age: 24
Level: 1
Archetype: Repentent
Power synopsis: A highly trained soldier whose inherited variant powers allow him to generate and solidify plasma.
Weight: 180

Strength: 18
   Bonus (+2)
Agility: 19
   Bonus (+2) physical accuracy
Endurance: 24
   Bonus (+4)
Basic Hits: 4      Agility Mod: 0

Presence: 17
   Bonus (+2) reactions, mental accuracy
Intelligence: 12
   Bonus (+1) damage modifier
Willpower: 11
   Bonus (+0)
HP Mods (1.6)(3)(1) = 4.8
Healing Rate: 2.8
Carrying Capacity: 740
Basic HTH: 1d8
Hit Points: 20
Fatigue Points: 21
Wound Points: 24
Evasion Score: -2
Movement Rates: Running = 31    Sprinting = 61       Flying = 528    Forced Flight = 1056
Powers Description
Physical Training Years of physical and athletic training have made Hans an exceptional physical specimen, raising his endurance and agility by eight points. He is almost inhumanly resistant to pain and fatigue, and this serves to bolster his naturally impressive strength. While his large frame and stocky musculature make him less limber than other combatants, he has excellent footwork, balance, coordination, reflexes, and aim—in many ways his size is an advantage, making people underestimate his speed.
Military Training Hans' combat training focused on the classical Germanic soldier tradition. He gains a +4 bonus to hit with "military" attacks. He is a skilled boxer and knife fighter and can fence with saber if need be. He is a crack shot with pistols, rifles, machine guns, and other implements of modern war.
Plasma Envelope Promethean's core power is the ability to generate an envelope of free plasma around his body. This takes so much concentration to activate taht he cannot move while doing so, although he can attack immediately afterwards. If protects him against attacks as if it were Flame Powers. His envelope gives off light and heat sufficient to make those touching him uncomfortable and damage unprotected flesh after extended contact. When active, it coats his entire body.
Plasma Blast Promethean can shape magnetic fields to project and aim the free plasma of his envelope. This combination of magnetic energy and shaped plasma attacks as Force. This is considered a dangerous attack. While the blast unleashes an impressive degree of heat, it does so in a near instantaneous burst, and is unlikely to ignite incendiaries, instead shattering or vaporizing them from the force and energy released. This power only works if his plasma envelope is active.
Flight By projecting free plasma directly from his legs, Promethean gains propelled flight at an average speed of 120 MPH. While his speed is impressive, his control is not. This is the only one of his powers Promethean can use without the plasma envelope, and it puts the least strain on his system. The residual effects are potentially dangerous; his plasma stream counts as a constant flame-based attack. This makes his flight hazardous; he has to shut off the plasma stream and drop 5-10 feet when landing, and avoid flying near combustible structures.
Shape Magnetic Fields This secondary and lesser-used aspect of Promethean's powers is the ability to generate and shape magnetic fields to control his plasma envelope. While he has yet to exploit this ability to its true potential, he does use it when launching a plasma blast.
Military Specialist Hans has years of military training, both as a soldier and as a commander. He has been cross-trained in every aspect of military operations since he was 6 years old. He is skilled at using and maintaining firearms, boxing, wrestling, knife-fighting, fencing, tactics and strategy, commanding troops, maintaining discipline, military vehicles and weapons (this includes the ability to operate troop transports, tanks, and helicopters with limited skill). He has read the works and studied the battles of great military commanders. He also knows the principles, the philosophies, and histories of the Nazi military/socialist culture, much as he now despises them.
Athletics Hans is skilled with physical activities—running, sprinting, weightlifting, most physical sports, and so on. This combines with his military training to make him exceptionally capable at physical activity.
Judaica As compensation for the guilt he feels over the actions of his ancestors, Hans has immersed himself in the study of Jewish culture and religion. He has a grasp of the principles and history of the people, reads Hebrew slowly, and speaks it with an atrocious accent.
Weakness: Power Limitation The generation of his plasma envelope places strain on Promethean's body—not precisely fatigue or pain, but a dangerous, fluctuating pressure. In order to protect itself, Promethean's body has natural defenses that shut off the envelope when the pressure becomes dangerous. Depending on the flux, this can take several seconds or minutes, but he has never sustained the envelope for longer than five minutes. While he does not need the envelope active to fly, he does need it to fire his plasma blast.

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