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Character Sheet: Scott Silver
Name: Scott Silver
Player: Tom
Experience: 2500
Affiliation: Revolution
Campaign Location: Boston
Sex: none
Age: newborn
Level: 2
Archetype: Innocent
Power synopsis: Scott is a sentient mass of Plovian liquid superconductor. This gives an array of abilities.
Weight: 360

Strength: 16
   Bonus (+2)
Agility: 13
   Bonus (+1) physical accuracy
Endurance: 20
   Bonus (+2)
Basic Hits: 8      Agility Mod: -2

Presence: 14
   Bonus (+1) reactions, mental accuracy
Intelligence: 15
   Bonus (+2) damage modifier
Willpower: 21
   Bonus (+3)
HP Mods (1.4)(2.2)(1.4) = 4.312
Healing Rate: 2
Carrying Capacity: 1060
Basic HTH: 1d10
Hit Points: 35
Fatigue Points: 18
Wound Points: 20
Evasion Score: -1
Movement Rates: Running = 25 (34)    Sprinting = 49 (67)    Jumping = 8 ft base    Flying = 49 (67)    Forced Flight = 166
Powers Description
Sense of Self Unlike most sentient beings on the planet, Scott is painfully aware that he is aware. He has a remarkably centered sense of his own being and a strong, if immature, moral code. These combine to provide him with a +9 on his Willpower score. This allows him to automatically make simple Will feats.
Metallic Endurance Being made of metal, Scott is remarkably tough and difficult to hurt, gaining a +10 on his Endurance score. He has no need to breathe, sleep, or eat, and can function normally in non-standard environments for 20 days before the extreme conditions damage his nano-circuitry net, which would be as potentially lethal to his as being in those conditions would be for a normal human. He needs only three hours of down time out of every 100 to purge the electrostatic buildup, similar to sleep. Failure to do so for three cycles (300 hours, or thirteen days) can cause the same effects as lack of sleep in a human—specifically, impaired judgement and hallucinations.
Variable Density One of the odd things about Plovian superconducting metal is that its state is not determined by pressure or temperature, but instead by electrical polarity. Strange but true. Scott is capable of controlling his own electrical polarity, and can therefore chnage state with just an effort. He cannot yet have parts of his body in one state and parts in another. His mass is sufficient for him to do standard unarmed damage while in solid or liquid form, but he cannot attack physically while a gas. When solid, he is the size of a mid-height, thin human, but since Scott weighs over 350 pounds, he is much denser than a normal human would be, making him consequently more difficult to damage. When in liquid form, Scott is a very well controlled protoplasmic blob, twice the size of a man. This amorphous form can be made roughly humanoid, but it can also grow pseudopodia and reabsorb them at will, allow objects to pass through him, or even force them through his body, slide under doors, etc. In a gaseous state he can become airborn, flying at 20 MPH, and is very difficult to damage. He can manipulate his density to a full 20 cubic inch volume with an obscuring fog in his own mass.
EM/Superconductor Plovian metal is also superconducting, and will pass through or absorb all EM energy that hits him. He has an equivalent Adaptation defense against EM attacks. Any EM attacks blocked by this defense is absorbed into his Fatique score, eliminating accumulated fatigue or raising his fatigue total. Any EM attack that does hit Scott through the defense is not absorbed, as it has managed to temporarily short-circuit his nanocircuitry.
Energy Enhancement The final function of Plovian superconducting metal is that it can enhance the energy passing through it—any energy. At present, he has developed only one aspect of this: enhancing energy released from a kinetic collision with his body. This acts as concussive blast a millisecond after the impact, where the force directed back into his body is amplified and re-released. He has yet to learn how to enhance conventional energy sources.
Artifical Life Form Scott is one of the few experts on being an artificial sentient life form. This gives "him" a grasp of human-ALF interaction, and he knows how to repair himself. This also includes a degree of skill in fighting with hia pliable form, giving him the equivalent of some wrestling training.
Variant Society Scott has been studying the actions and morality of his newfound peers; he does so by monitoring news reports, studying the team's archives and reading Phoenix Talon's comic book collection. While he has no contacts as yet, he is learning rapidly the correct way to deal with variant-threat situations, and is learning who the key players are in the U.S. variant scene; their powers, affiliations, activities, and potential weaknesses.
Weakness: Energy Requirement While Scott has remarkable abilities to store and enhance energy, he is also quite dependent on it. When not in contact with a significant source of EM energy, he cannot rid himself of accumulated fatigue, and fact expends his own personal reserves to stay active, accumulating a fatigue point every 10 minutes. For these purposes, significant energy is equivalent to diffuse daylight, most internal lighting, or connection to a standard battery. Energy sources greater than these but not sufficient to cause damage simply allow him to act normally; he cannot use his absorption power unless the amount of energy is large enough to cause rapid damage to human tissue.

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