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Character Sheet: Needle
Name: Needle
Identity: Sasha Banks
Player: Rebecca
Experience: 8000
Affiliation: Revolution
Campaign Location: Boston
Sex: Female
Age: 33
Level: 5
Archetype: Rational
Power synopsis: Needle possesses psychokinetic abilities. She has focused her attentions on the manipulation and control of living tissue, on the macro- and microscopic levels. Attacks as Psychokinesis with a range of 130 feet, costs fatigue based on the effect generated. All external powers include the generation of a witchfire effect, which is visible in standard light or less and generates a sense of presence, like being too close to a high-tension line.
Weight: 90

Strength: 12
   Bonus (+1)
Agility: 25
   Bonus (+4) physical accuracy
Endurance: 9
   Bonus (0)
Basic Hits: 2      Agility Mod: +2

Presence: 13
   Bonus (+1) reactions, mental accuracy
Intelligence: 23
   Bonus (+3) damage modifier
Willpower: 12
   Bonus (+1)
HP Mods (1.2)(1)(1.1) = 1.32
Healing Rate: .5
Carrying Capacity: 118
Basic HTH: 1d3
Hit Points: 3
Fatigue Points: 11
Wound Points: 9
Evasion Score: -4
Movement Rates: Running = 23    Sprinting = 46    Jumping = 10 ft base    Flying = 264    Forced Flight = 528
Powers Description
Personal Manipulation She has performed extensive Biokinetic surgery on her nervous system, permanently improving Intelligence and Agility by 6 points.
Biokinetic Defense She can generate a field of PK energy within her bio-aura, deflecting incoming physical attacks. She can extend this defense to one other being within her range.
Biokinetic Attack Can cause a wide range of injury to living beings. She can slow neurotransmitters and increase the production of fatigue poisons. She can cause cellular damage to the target, or she can directly attack the target's biological integrity (due to its extremity, the latter requires two rolls to hit and costs 3 fatigue).
Biokinetic Movement Can lift and move objects; unlike most others with psychokinetic powers, her control of things within bioauras is significantly superior to her control of inorganics. When affecting organics, she can lift up to 1625 pounds and move it 65 feet per turn. Once she has 'grabbed' an organic she gains a biokinetic sense of the target, giving her a rough feel for: the target's physical state, activity of biological powers or potent passive powers, and the target's position relative to her, even if she could not perceive it with her standard senses. Inorganics count as twice normal weight against her capacity and move at half the speed she can move organics with.
Biokinetic Senses She has learned to expand her psychokinetic awareness as an arc in front of her with concentration. Within that 45 degree, 130 foot arc she can sense all life forms and can identify ones she is familiar with. This can be used in addition to or in lieu of visual awareness, and is blocked only by more than a foot of inorganic material (she can sense through any wooden barriers without difficulty).
Flight Propelled flight at 65 mph; this consists more or less of throwing herself forward and does not afford much fine control. If she wants to levitate, that comes out of her biokinetic movement capacity.
Piloting A highly skilled pilot; while she is most experienced with small propeller planes, she can fly any standard aircraft, excluding only highly specialized vehicles (the space shuttle, alien technology, etc.). She can teach others and is adept with the standard weaponry for such craft.
Physics Knowledgeable about most aspects of physics; with proper equipment, can analyze energies and reactions (including variant and alien technologies, although with less accuracy). A smattering of other science skills, computer use and some programming.
Weakness: Social Handicap Needle is identical in physical appearance to the villainess Tempest, due to sharing a clone history with her. Her entire life is a lie. She was apparently constructed by scientists in the employ of the World Crime League as part of a complicated plot. For unclear reasons, the head scientist involved in the project followed orders from a second employer when programming Sasha, giving her instructions that would lead to her becoming a crimefighter and leaving the memories of her 'birth' buried but intact. The telepath Daedalus cleared other programmed instructions, so she is apparently safe from outside domination.

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