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Character Sheet: Phoenix Talon
Name: Phoenix Talon
Identity: John Astaverdia
Player: David
Experience: 5500
Affiliation: Revolution
Campaign Location: Boston
Sex: Male
Age: 23
Level: 3
Archetype: Aggressive
Power synopsis: A low-grade psychic who has trained himself to heights of physical combat skill. The scope and depth of his powers are unknown at this time; due to mental blocks developed during childhood, his years of training have produced only stunted abilities. He is, however, a phenomenal martial artist. While his primary training is in karate, he has also worked in other styles.
Weight: 205

Strength: 20
   Bonus (+2)
Agility: 23
   Bonus (+3) physical accuracy
Endurance: 21
   Bonus (3)
Basic Hits: 5      Agility Mod: 0

Presence: 9
   Bonus (+0) reactions, mental accuracy
Intelligence: 17
   Bonus (+2) damage modifier
Willpower: 9
   Bonus (+0)
HP Mods (1.6)(2.6)(1) = 4.16
Healing Rate: 3
Carrying Capacity: 1035
Basic HTH: 1d10
Hit Points: 21
Fatigue Points: 21
Wound Points: 21
Evasion Score: -7
Movement Rates: Running = 32    Sprinting = 64    Jumping = 23 ft base
Powers Description
Psychic Illumination Can mentally generate light. This always manifests as a blinding burst, which fades over the course of 30 seconds. There is no heat emission. He can use this as an attack, focusing the flash before the eyes of a single target to blind them.
Physical Training Phoenix Talon's constant exercise regime keeps him in superb health. All physical abilities (Str, Agi, End) are increased by 7 points.
Mental Training Phoenix Talon has a very quick and perceptive mind and finely honed senses, granting him +5 on his Intelligence score. Those who know him find this difficult to believe. It is possible that he acts foolish to throw off his opponents, or that this increased intellect is another function of his Psionics, and the mental blocks operating against this also prevent effective use of his mental abilities.
Combat Training Provides significant attack bonuses with unarmed and armed combat. He is particularly skilled with katanas and related weaponry. Phoenix Talon is the worst kind of opponent, the kind that moves like water and strikes like stone. His combat style provides him with a -4 to evade all attacks where he has room to move.
Ninja Training +1d6 bonus to combat initiatives. Can move at his full movement rate without noise, and is skilled at moving in an urban environment.
Electrified Bokken One of his variant buddies at the University of Houston built this for him: a metal bokken with an insulated grip holding a powerful AC battery, which holds five charges and on a successful attack delivers 1d12 electrical damage, as well as stunning the target.
Ninja Punk John's training makes him the James Dean of the ninja set. In addition to standard ninja skills—martial arts, stealth, climbing, infiltration, disguise, archaic weapons training, basic chemistry and toxicology, contortionism, voice mimicry, etc., John learned driving real fast, holding his liquor, looking cool in a leather jacket, firearms, and a smattering of the underworld gang scene. His training comes from a wizened master in Houston (well, OK, he ran the local auto shop) and reading. This eclectic base has kept him from attaining the truly advanced ninja secrets, but he has potential.
Infiltration Of the ninja skills he actually paid attention to, stealth has been John's favorite. He is almost supernaturally silent, and has the skills of evading notice, climbing walls, picking locks and avoiding security systems at a surprisingly well developed level.
Drums Hobby. He's a capable garage band drummer.
Weakness: Power Handicap The extreme weakness of his Psionic power is the result of psychological barriers installed when they first appeared, mostly having to do with his mother. It is unknown how and if he can ever break these barriers, or what powers might result. Just before his departure to Japan, Phoenix had a breakthrough experience involving his feelings toward his power, but it remains to be seen what experience's long-term effects will be.

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