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Character Sheet: Lucky Charm
Name: Lucky Charm
Identity: Kyla McKay
Experience: 8000
Affiliation: Revolution
Campaign Location: Boston
Sex: Female
Age: 29
Level: 5
Archetype: Driven
Power synopsis: Blessed with variant musculature and biology, Lucky was a Mafia enforcer until the Daemonwar. Having worked alongside lawful superheroes during the war, she was offered a clean record in exchange for joining the team. Lucky's variantism has modified her entire body beyond the human norm, providing physical and mental advantages.
Weight: 170

Strength: 36
   Bonus (+6)
Agility: 15
   Bonus (+2) physical accuracy
Endurance: 18
   Bonus (+2)
Basic Hits: 4      Agility Mod: 0

Presence: 15
   Bonus (+2) reactions, mental accuracy
Intelligence: 16
   Bonus (+2) damage modifier
Willpower: 15
   Bonus (+2)
HP Mods (2.8)(2.2)(1.2) = 7.392
Healing Rate: 1.6
Carrying Capacity: 4120
Basic HTH: 2d8
Hit Points: 30
Fatigue Points: 27
Wound Points: 18
Evasion Score: -2
Movement Rates: Running = 16 mph    Sprinting = 32 mph    Jumping = 32 foot base
Powers Description
Variant Musculature Lucky's muscles are more dense efficient than a norman human's, and she possesses significantly more of them, increasing her Strength score by 27 points.
Regenerated Mind When her variant powers activated, all of Lucky's dead nervous tissue regenerated, giving her another shot at rapid learning. This event increased her intelligence by 5 points, allowed her to develop an affinity for high speed mental calculation, and boosted her reaction time when surprised (limiting peoples' ambushes against her to a single effective attack before she recovers). It is unlikely that Lucky was aware of event when it occurred—the abilities gained come from her training in card games and unarmed combat. Although Lucky's neural tissue is again decaying normally, recent events involving Chandler Prentice have given her a photographic recall of her entire life from age 12 to February, 1987.
Variant Senses Lucky's senses of hearing, smell, and taste are three times more acute than a normal human's. This raises her detection chances to 48% when appropriate. She can identify people by their scent, detect irregularities in the taste/scent of food, and deaden these senses when appropriate (she has no difficulty being in a crowded, smoky, nightclub during a rock show). She has learned to track people by scent, although this depends upon the distinctiveness of the odor and the traffic in the area.
Martial Arts Training Lucky has a lifetime of experience with street fighting and years of training with staff weapons. Undoubtedly her extreme skill was aided by her 'second childhood,' but now she has to train like anybody else. When fighting with any sort of pole weapon, she gains +4 attack base and +4 damage. When it comes to dirty infighting, she might know what 'play fair' means, but if she does she ignores it completely. When fighting unarmed, her HTH damage is automatically increased by 4.
Energy Staff At the end of the Daemonwar, Lucky stole a pair of gloves from the Coven. They generate a staff of magical energy which emits a bright, blue-green glow; their power source is unknown. This staff acts as a normal weapon, but gives additional benefits: it cannot be stolen or effectively disarmed, and it can assume the form of any pole weapon, making it very versatile. Lucky can also change it from magical force to magical heat, in which case it has the effects of extreme heat; however, since it is no longer solid, her strength is not a damage factor.
Invulnerability By using the staff to parry incoming attacks, Lucky gains 22 points of invulnerability per turn against phsycial and energy attacks. She must be aware of the attack and have the staff active, but can perform seeming impossibilities such as blocking explosions and gouts of flame. This invulnerability is useless against surprise, mystical or psychic attacks.
Familiar Bond Lucky has entered into a Familiar bond with the illuminator Chandler Prentice. This power (and its inherent weaknesses) will last until he decides to sever the link—Lucky cannot do so. The magic her body now accumulates acts to increase her physical abilities. This energy, along with her link to Chandler's psyche, also strengthens her willpower and presence. Her senses are increased, doubling her conventional senses and increasing her hearing/taste to quadruple human levels. She can concentrate to see either personal or magical auras, though she is still unskilled in discerning their meanings. She has an empathic bond with Chandler, knows his emotional and physical state, and his location relative to her position. She can also sense when he's in danger, even if he does not.
     The Familiar bond is something designed, at base, to protect the mage—no matter how the Familiar benefits, it is so they can better defend their mentor. Lucky is now obviously magical to those who can sense such things, which sometimes includes animals and always includes supernatural creatures. Chandler's directions and opinions have a drastic effect on Lucky now, and he can even exercise domination over her body if he deems it necessary. Spells designed to target or affect Chandler will have a similar effect on Lucky, for good or ill. Finally, any damage Chandler takes is split proportionally with her, so that she is always at an equivalent state of health. If he dies, she does as well.
Mafia Enforcer Lucky spent most of her life as an enforcer, leg-breaker, and occasional hitter for the New York branch of the World Crime League-controlled Mafia. In that time she learned handling cars and motorcycles, intimidation, firearms, lockpicking, security systems, and the tactics of the underworld. She made a variety of contacts, some of which she managed to keep after her defection to the other side. This is mostly because the power structure to which she reported vaporized during the Daemonwar, and partly because the Crime League now understands why it is necessary to eliminate the remnants of the Coven.
Card Sharp Lucky is skilled with all card games, and in fact in most forms of gambling that are not completely random, partly through experience and partly through her mathematical mind. She can count cards, guess odds, spot cheats and know what's where in the deck. Plus, she has a killer poker face.
Horseback Riding While not an equestrienne, Lucky does know how to ride.

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