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Revolution Campaign Pool Tournament

Editor's Note: This little sequence came about because of an emailed "conversation" another player and I had, post-game, between our characters, now part of the "In the Interim" section of the campaign chronicle. The talk started and ended with a billiards challenge. Brian read it and came back with this:

"...I feel the need to point out that Lucky will win 8 out of 10, by a slight margin (Needle has some bonuses here due to her greater than normal intelligence and agility, plus the physics training, but those can't compete in the long run with Lucky's greater experience and training). Of course, should Needle cheat and use her TK all bets are off. Better make sure the room is really bright, because otherwise the TK effect is waaaaaaay too visible.

If it ever comes up, Phoenix can beat Needle 7 out of 10 (for similar reasons, but while he has less skill he has near equal agility). He and Lucky are almost dead even—he has somewhat less training at it, but a better agility and equal intelligence. Lucky wins 11 games out of 20.

Everyone can beat Scott, but he's too good a sport to pout. If allowed to shlork in the ball and spit it out he has a killer break, and there's nowhere where he can't find a shot and keep at least one psuedopod on the floor for legality's sake.

If you force Albert to play, it will certainly look like he won... but forcing him to play would be a herculean effort.

Playing with Dawn is similar to playing with Scott, but her learning curve is sick, she'll get much better very fast, and no shlorking occurs. That, plus extra balls keep appearing on the board.

Reilly plays about as well as Needle, as he has some training/interest, but no partiuclar benefits (the reverse of Needle's position)

Chandler will kick your asses. He beats Lucky 15 games out of 20. No joke. Not kidding. The benefits of his particular perceptions and a lifelong on again/off again affection for the game. He used to hustle when really in need of cash travelling across country, and to do that 'stranger with a secret past' thing in pool halls. He doesn't play cards.

Winters hits you over the head with the cue while you're preparing to break and then runs away.

Newton doesn't play, for fear of giving away his secret. He will bat the balls around if allowed on the table while playing.

Muse is quite good, on par with Phoenix, and he will claim that he has never played before. It's hard to tell if he's joking.

Sphinx doesn't play, for fear of giving away his secret. He will bat the balls around if allowed on the table while playing.

Holly Shapiro loses and then whines about it on TV after taking her cue and going home. Humph.

The Blood Boards think they can play, but any games are interruped by Phoenix jumping over the table, yelling "Banzai!" and bashing them with his pool cue."

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