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Kyla goes in search of a lost love.



This story, which was written as fiction rather than happening as part of the game, has been removed from the site at the author's request. To spare the reader some confusion, here is a synopsis. And no, I'm not going to renumber the dang pages. Talk about a low priority.

Backstory: Once upon a time, after her brutal father's death, her hard years on the street, her emergence as a variant and her recruitment by the Mafia, Lucky fell in love with a woman named Valerie. Val was a young photographer fascinated by the dark side of humanity; Lucky specialized in killing people in extraordinarily messy ways. Their relationship was rocky at times—both women had their secrets, and Lucky's life had not prepared her well for the experience of emotional vulnerability—but it was also the most wonderful thing that had ever happened to her.

Valerie was always insistent that she wanted to photograph Lucky at her "work;" Lucky resisted her, but finally gave in. The decision proved disastrous. Valerie was discovered by those assisting Lucky—in the process revealing that she, too, had variant abilities—and much to Lucky's shock was revealed to be her own don's niece. He was, of course, furious. Lucky received a demotion in the organization and was ordered to break off the relationship, and to do so in such a way that Valerie would be sure to keep away from her. To protect them both, she did as she was told, leaving Val with the impression that Lucky had been using her the entire time.

Present-day: Free of her Mob ties for once and for all, Lucky seeks to tie off another thread of her past. She finds Valerie, now working in Nicaragua as a photojournalist for the Associated Press. During the flight south, Lucky has a strange Twilight-related experience in which Valerie seems determined to kill her. Despite her misgivings, she hunts through the jungle where her ex-lover is reputed to be staying with a camp of guerillas, only to be captured at Valerie's instigation—she thinks that Lucky has hunted her down to get revenge on her for never having told her about her relationship to the Don.

Over the course of her stay, the two come to an understanding of why the other had acted as they did, and Valerie drops hints of further secrets—she is surprisingly well-informed about Lucky's current life. Lucky also intervenes in a battle between government forces and the Contras. When Lucky's week of vacation is up and she has to return to the U.S., it is with the understanding that some day she and Valerie will see one another again.

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