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    It included one sequence that did not happen. When he exited the house, there was a flash of light and a cut to a scene of Toy Man panicking about his escape and how he had resumed normal size. The next cut jumped to Phoenix Talon breaking in and decking him. The bit about him getting kidney-punched was not included; as for what had happened after that, people just assumed that the villain had simply disappeared. It happened sometimes.
    "What the fuck is going on?" Phoenix Talon muttered, baffled. "Those sons of bitches. No action figures." The whole thing, he was sure, was an AMC setup to get this weird publicity footage. Those bastards. It all fit too neatly. "No nothing, period. I'm not doing anything with these guys, they set up shit like this."
    He didn't tell them that, when he talked to Jenkins next, just continued to tell them that he had to talk with his teammates. There were going to be repercussions, no doubt, but some things just can't be controlled; after eighteen years with his mother, he knew that for a certainty.
    The Hasbro people, of course, freaked out about the copyright infringement, so after the first airing the footage was not re-broadcast.
    There'd been no messages from Rick, but he hadn't had his phone during the fight. Easily discouraged, Phoenix Talon decided not to bother pursuing that any further, annoyed because he still didn't know who had been trying to hire them. He had one goal in life now, and that was to find the Toy Man and get his revenge.

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