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At the WAMT (formerly WBBC before the buyout earlier that year) television studio, a short time after the fight at Caduceus, Holly Shapiro walked rapidly through the halls to the editing room, where she slammed a tape into the console and began barking orders at the startled workers.
    A short while later, someone pounded on the door and stuck his head inside. "Holly?"
    "Yeah, Quentin? I've got this almost done...."
    "Yeah, I know. We're going live on the eleven o'clock news and we need that tape."
    "Excuse me?" she replied coldly, looking away from her work for the first time since she'd sat down.
    Quentin blinked at her disbelievingly. "You have on-the-scene footage of the fight that just took place! Did you think we were not going to want the tape? C'mon, we've gotta make the eleven o'clock news."
    "This is my story."
    "I know, and you can do whatever you want with it, once we finish with the eleven o'clock news. I know you've already made a copy of it, so give me the copy," he suggested with a hint of exasperated sigh.
    With a sharp movement, she popped the tape out and handed it to him, thin-lipped. "Here."
    "Thank you." He sprinted off.
    Holly returned to her editing. Fifteen minutes later she turned on the news. After a moment she reached for a glass of water and took a sip, watching her footage play across the screen.
    "Well, I guess we're all just lucky that we have people as stalwart and powerful as the Revolution to defend us under these circumstances," the anchorman concluded heartily.
    The glass shattered in Shapiro's hand.
    The other people in the room stared at her for a moment, then became very, very busy with what they were doing as she murmured, "Excuse me," and walked out of the room, blood dripping from her hand.

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