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Phoenix Talon had decided not to call Candi again so soon; better to wait a few days. Instead he called up the ninja he'd met at the party the night before, Konatsu Habiki, and issued an invitation to come over and spar for a bit around mid-morning, which was politely accepted. He had some questions he wanted to ask, once they had commenced.
    "So, the gene splicer last night. Why do you think they might have been after it?"
    "Very valuable piece of equipment. There are many nefarious uses for such an item." Habiki's expression was, of course, unreadable as they circled.
    "What were you using it for?"
    "Why, for the betterment of mankind."
    "Be a little more specific, please."
    "Are you saying you suspect me? Hai!" He tried a strike.
    "I just want to be clear on the project, not you specifically," Talon clarified, blocking. Ninja or not, Habiki was only human; Phoenix Talon was aware of his own superior abilities. "What is your clan?"
    They spoke circuitously of their connections. Habiki's worked in biotech.
    "I studied under the Fukuoda, in Tokyo," Talon offered in return.
    "Aha, I thought as much from your style. I'm surprised you don't have more plastics on you. I will send you some paperwork from our clan, perhaps you would be interested in allying with us?"
    "Much of my equipment is Fukuoda plastic," he demurred.
    He didn't get much more out of the conversation, but it was a good session. Habiki obviously wasn't about to say anything incriminating, and he certainly didn't imply that he had been sent to infiltrate the company and make it into yet another arm of his hydra-like clan.

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