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    "It might be best for them to find a new headquarters. There's something wrong with this one," I suggested. Cursed, or something.
    "We thought that frickin' gene sequencer might have been destroyed in the battle, but no, it's fine," Talon growled.
    "Why don't we keep it?" Thunderbolt suggested.
    "You have a gene sequencer?" Trent looked suddenly intent.
    "Well, no, the Caduceus Project has a gene sequencer," Scott corrected. "It's just everybody in the universe keeps trying to steal the bloody thing."
    "They bought it at auction from the World Crime League," I explained.
    Trent started laughing. "Oh, screw you, Doc, you lost again. He's been after one of those for—it's got a protein folder connected to it, doesn't it? Keep a close eye on it, he'll be back after it."
    "Why?" Scott asked. "It's cutting edge, but it's not like you can't get it someplace else."
    "Because he had one already, and I blew it up last month."
    "Why doesn't he just make a new one?"
    "'Cause they're expensive, and difficult to build, and he doesn't have the tech for it, because we blew up the rest of his lab, too," he smirked.
    "He has the spare tech to make giant ants?"
    "He probably had the giant ants already, come on," Trent shrugged. They're used to dealing with this particular nut job.
    "I wonder if he hired Odin, too," Talon mused.
    "That would fit."
    "He was the first guy who tried to steal it," Scott put in.
    "Odin? Big idiot, spear?" Cold Steel asked.
    "Giant truck he called Sleipnir," Scott nodded.
    "He finally built that thing, did he?"
    "The cops made me give the keys back," I added.
    "Yup. Hired a couple of brutes that he called Freki and Geri and a couple of women with precognition that he was calling Hugin and Munin."
    "I'm waitin' to see that guy again." Steel cracked his knuckles.
    "He's around here somewhere," I shrugged.

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