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    Sabertooth feinted toward Phoenix Talon and lunged at Privateer, apparently intending to make a path through him. His cloak swirled up to fend her off as he went down; she ended up standing on top of him, trying to grind her claws through the cloak's protective fabric into his flesh. Scott reached the park's gazebo and looked around for energy sources; plenty of street lights and power outlets for concerts and such. He dropped the terrified kid inside the gazebo and went to gas form, surrounding the structure in mist. If Sabertooth made a move toward Eric, he was going to do his best to electrocute her.

    Phoenix Talon tried another flash and was rewarded with a shriek. In her instant of distraction, Privateer thrust his blades at her again, but she had already leaped off of him, headed toward the gazebo. Thunderbolt made it out of the house and launched a powerful lightning bolt at our quarry, slamming her to the ground in mid-leap.
    "She's got some kind of repulsion field," I observed to my companions. The lightning bolt had hurt her pretty badly, though; I did my best to provide a good follow-up as she pulled herself back to her feet. Blood poured from her nose, pooling unnaturally inside the field for a moment before falling to the ground, where it sizzled and sparked for a moment.

[Aside: Phoenix Talon]

    Sabertooth appeared to assess the odds facing her. Her chosen prey beyond reach, she darted off into the night on a course toward Copley Square, running flat-out and terribly fast. As she passed him, Scott extruded a liquid pseudopod in a solid punch; didn't get through the field, but it did send her flying through the front window of an Au Bon Pain, confining her somewhat as the four of us closed in around her.
    Phoenix Talon leaped in through the window and tried a ninja nerve strike; it stunned her for a moment and took down her defenses. Privateer swept in and plunged his blade into her chest; electricity played up and down the edge. The air in the room acquired a certain tension as Thunderbolt arrived and prepared for another attack; the others threw themselves out of the way as the lightning arced between him and his target. She appeared unconscious, but Phoenix Talon hit her again just to make sure.
    Scott put in a call for some paramedics and the heavy variant restraints. It could have been a lot worse; we were all very lucky. Mr. Montesanti is in the hospital, but he's stable and will recover. We made it back to base about eleven thirty.
    "Rick just left. He left at eleven," Dawn told Talon—a bit defensively?
    "Curfew's midnight, isn't it?"
    "No, it's eleven o'clock. You were very clear on that. Unless you're extending my curfew?"
    "Did you get her?" she asked.
    "Yeah, we got her. It was a hell of a fight."
    "She didn't manage to get to any of her victims."
    "Anybody hurt?"
    "The dad is in the hospital, but he should be okay."
    "Whew. Are you staying around until tomorrow?" she asked Privateer. "There's a party."
    I almost forgot—tomorrow is Talon's birthday. Must remember to wrap his present in the morning.

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