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October 9, 1987

So it looks like we're going to go investigate this mansion more closely. The Blood Boards found Sphinx II's lair—he'd apparently been holed up in the abandoned half-built mall they have their training sessions at, so Talon's "boys" have a new coat of glory to go with their good deeds against the Alley Cats. Most of the stuff he took has been recovered. We've bidden our guest from Harborview farewell; it was nice to have a new face around for a while, but duty calls as ever.
    Summer's well and truly over; time is getting shorter, if not necessarily running out, and I don't seem to be getting anywhere on the investigative avenues I've been taking. So yesterday I went by the theater Travis works at and copied down the list of donors whose contributions largely support the place. I didn't and don't want to do this, for his sake and mine, but he's about the only lead I have left alive. If I'm right about things, he'll lead to X. I've tried a half dozen hypotheses, and the one that seems most likely to explain his appearance in Boston is that someone who knows someone who knows someone—who knows someone else, probably, given the distance these people like to work at—mentioned his name. This seems the place to start. Bunch of companies with local headquarters or branches, and the New York-New England Arts Council. Once we get back I'll start going through the list to see who the important people are, who has a presence on the west coast, and who actually has a known interest in theater, from whom such a suggestion might have come.
    Oh, and I got a phone call this afternoon.
    "Hi, Needle, this is Neil? Out at the PITS base in Rhode Island, you probably don't remember me...."
    "I do, actually." We've heard from Dr. Scott that Sleipnir made it to Seattle without incident, much to my shock. "Yeah, we've gotta go out of town for a few days, but I'll give you a call when we get back."
    "Oh, that'd be great! All right, I'll talk to you then."
    "Maybe you could come by, we could fly a little or something."
    "Yeah." I'm a bit puzzled by his enthusiasm. They must not get many visitors down there.

[Aside: Rhode Island]



Editor's Note: At some point in the past, I mentioned to Brian that it would be neat to have more real-world locations show up in the game. All of the locations used in this session are real, with the usual exception of our totally fictional police facilities but including the Worcester Mall, which really does have decorative balloons in the atrium. We took a few liberties with the interior layout of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, but we can hardly be blamed for its architectural shortcomings. The Boston Public Library does have large stone lions guarding the interior staircase, and I wish we were kidding about Muddy Creek.

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