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    "He's pissed enough at me already." He grabbed a bag of loot and headed for the side door, just in time to run into Thunderbolt, who had finally shown up. "Oh. Hi."
    Postman didn't exactly stand a chance. Everyone in the room cheered as he re-entered on the wrong end of a lightning bolt. Then Phoenix Talon finally made it through to Count Bastard and sent him flying with a vicious blow to the head from the electrified bokken; he would have gone for a very long fall if Scott hadn't caught him.
    "Is he dead?" Talon snarled.
    "No." He's going to be in the hospital for a while, though.
    "Probably for the best," he allowed, looking around. A doctor in the crowd had removed the pumpkin from Sticks' head and given him mouth-to-mouth. Talon walked over to the Postman and kicked him on general principles. "Good work, Paul. Good timing."
    "Where'd Cait Sidhe go?" I asked, then decided, "No, wait, perhaps I shouldn't ask," seeing Thunderbolt's expression.
    Phoenix Talon lit out as soon as it became clear that the police were on their way and things were under control.

[Aside: Phoenix Talon]

November 1, 1987

Ax showed up, in the envelope, at base this morning. Talon was really surprised when he opened the mail. Almost as much as Ax was before he got his lights punched out.




  Editor's Note: Brian wants to acknowledge that he stole the "tiny" plot wholesale from the Fantastic Four.

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