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    "With the news of continued attacks against the city being a distinct possibility, we're cutting over to Arnold Chang, who's out at Logan Airport right now," Simon told the audience. "Arnold, how are things there?"
    "Well, the airport is still quiet and somewhat confused. Due to the attacks earlier today, the airport authorities decided to delay takeoffs and landings for a while, and several incoming planes were diverted to other areas or into holding patterns. It was decided just a short while ago during the period of relative quiet that bringing the planes in would no longer pose a significant security risk, and the FAA officials here at Logan decided to bring in some of the planes that had been circling for some time, at the highest possible speed. You can see here behind me the people who have been debarking from the plane, who have been circling the city for far longer than they had ever intended to."
    The camera panned over the crowd behind him. One of those in the crowd was a very large man, wearing a slope-brimmed hat that covered half his face. His arm rested on the shoulder of a woman far smaller than him.
    "And I'm sure these people are feeling remarkably lucky about the fact that they were able to land," Arnold continued, "as with the apparent immanent continuation of assaults against the city the FAA has again decided to prevent any further planes from landing. The rest of the flights out of Logan for the day are being cancelled, the rest of the flights in are being diverted to local airports outside of Boston's airspace. For those of you out there waiting for friends and family coming into the city, contact this number in order to hear the latest hotline information as far as plane delays, plane transfers, and all the other assorted problems with flying on the Day of Fire. Now back to you in the studio."
    Cue theme music.

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