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    Thunderbolt was looking over the plans for the Black Whip mansion that Scott had left out when Neil came in.
    "Hey, Thunderbolt. How you doing?"
    "Hey, Neil. How are you?"
    He hesitated. "I'm uh... I'm uh, good. Needle just asked if I'd be willing to help out with, y'know, the stuff today."
    "Great," Thunderbolt replied, genuinely pleased. "I assume you're in?"
    "Oh, definitely. Wouldn't miss it," he vowed. "I'm glad I was able to help before, help out, I'm just sorry I didn't get a shot at these guys when you guys broke out." He hesitated again and changed tone slightly. "I just wanted to check here, y'know.... If I were to, y'know, ask Sasha, y'know, out to dinner or something, I wouldn't be stepping on any toes or anything would I? I've seen some stuff in the press...."
    Thunderbolt shrugged. "Far as I know, she's not seeing anybody."
    "Okay, good." He nodded, a bit disconcerted. "Don't, uh, tell her I said anything here...."
    "Wouldn't think of it," Paul promised cheerfully.
    "So, those the blueprints for the house?"
    "Yes, they are."
    "Big place. So, what happened, you guys came in through here originally, and they ambushed you?"
    "Essentially." He muttered something under his breath.
    "Nothing," he said hastily.
    "I thought I heard you say 'lousy fucks,' was that, uh...."
    "Never mind."
    Lousy ducks.

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