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"You guys probably have a headquarters and team meetings and stuff. I really envy that." - Inferno



The Detroit Warriors

This is not so much a team as a loosely-formed coalition of heroes operating in the Detroit area. They all began operating around 1984, in the aftermath of the Plovian invasion, which caused some but not extensive damage to Detroit. Two of the warriors, Xorn and Daedalus, are part time heroes, while Cold Steel leads a shadowy existence. Still, all three will arise to deal with problems that threaten their home city. During their most active period, that being their first year, these threats originated from Dr. Twilight (a variant geneticist who was creating variants to further his own schemes), the actions of the underworld boss code named Kafka, and the nefarious Colonel (a criminal genius who thwarted the Warriors at nearly every encounter, until his very public death, which later proved to be a ruse, covering his escape from the city).
    The Warriors are accepted by the city of Detroit. Their presence is both local and understated: they have a working relationship with the police, and Daedalus is a local celebrity. The Detroit Warriors are local heroes, defending their hometown and doing a fair job of it. They have no group agenda, and it is not known whether they even associate with one another outside of emergency situations. They are not important enough to merit any attention on a national scale, and in truth do not seek it.
    The team members have separate origins: Xorn gains his powers from a mystical battle suit, Daedalus is a creation of Dr. Twilight, and Cold Steel's origins are unknown, but he is believed to have been an international mercenary active during the Plovian invasion. The team is occasionally aided by a winged woman named Inferno, who first appeared after the Demonwar.

Cold Steel
Shrouded in mystery, this variant avoids the press and is sometimes downright hostile to them. He wages a constant war on Detroit's organized crime, and is the only fully active member of the Warriors. His body is literally made of freezing cold metal, providing him with significant personal defenses and variant strength, though it does mean that he weighs over 350 pounds. He can project his body's personal cold, generating ice and fog, as well as freezing and shattering objects. Steel is well versed in modern weaponry as well as hand to hand combat, possesses an indomitable will and a very intimidating presence. Cold Steel once survived being shot four times with armor piercing, high caliber rounds, although he used this as an excuse to fake his own death until he could deliver a master stroke against Kafka. He has contacts with the Detroit Special Assignment Service, the police trained to handle variant crime.

Sometimes flamboyant, sometimes serious, but always open to the public, Trent Aster has no hope of maintaining a secret identity, since he has a huge pair of eagle wings growing from his back. In addition to his obvious flight abilities, he is skilled at using these wings in combat, flying to free up all of his limbs to attack, or pummeling his opponents with the amazingly strong appendages. Still, his greatest powers are mental, as Daedalus is a telepath and telekinetic. He is a skilled psychologist, and runs a practice to help people in a more personal fashion than by fighting crime. Daedalus is also a criminologist, and is on call to the Detroit Police to help in difficult cases. His stature, wings, friendly smile and innate knowledge of human behavior make him a very charismatic individual, superhumanly so. He also paints, and his work is has a moderate following in the Michigan area, with growing national acclaim.

A young black man whose variant powers emerged when he was attacked by the Coven, he dedicated his life to the tracking and hunting of Daemons and Daemonic influences, which led him to Detroit and into the Warriors. There he worked against the Coven in the city, thwarting them more than once with and without the Warriors help. He left Detroit after the Daemonwar and has not been seen since. His powers include the generation of force blasts and absorption of energy, as well as an inexplicable aura of fear that he can extend over his opponents. The extent of his powers and the specifics of their origin is unknown.

With the powers granted to him by his strange mystical battle gear, Xorn can vibrate through solid objects, albeit slowly, maintain a running speed of over 20 miles an hour, lift a little over a ton, and fire blasts of force that can stun or damage opponents and make solid objects explode into shards. Xorn's identity (Mycroft Richtor) is not exactly public, and it isn't known to the majority of the world. He is known to be a physician, having saved the lives of many civilians damaged by being too near variant conflict, and is a pilot as well. He is nowhere near as intimidating or charismatic as his partners, and people often misinterpret his large size and his quiet demeanor. Given that he still acts as both a pilot and emergency physician, he is prone to extensive absences from the city and the team.

A winged woman with supernatural powers, she is an occasional ally of the Warriors. She can fly, fire blasts of flame and, with extreme effort, turn people to stone for limited periods. She also has an arsenal of minor magical abilities that are difficult to catalogue or explain. She is amnesiac, having no idea as to her identity or origins. An intermittent member, she sometimes vanishes on long trips and returns unexpectedly. Daedalus has made it a life goal to help her recover her memories, and they are sometimes lovers.

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