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"You remember that one guy, what was his name....?" - all of us, at various points

This page exists as a memory aid for those trying to keep track of the various minor NPCs hanging around the Revolution. Some of them seem to be completely inconsequential, but I've learned that you never know, so I've put them all in. Major characters such as the Veterans Club have detailed information available as part of the Background section.

Agglomerated MegaCorp Company responsible for the popular sugary treat Starr Krunchies and its spin-off cereal. Subsidiaries Agglomerated MegaPublishing (print) and Agglomerated MegaTelevision (film) are developing a number of Revolution-related properties they've licensed rights to from the state, including a comic book, an animated series, feature film, and appearances on the soap opera Boston Common. Employers of Candi Rich and Tao. Phoenix Talon is under contract as a stunt coordinator.
Melissa Albright University of Connecticut student killed by Sabertooth (Catfights & Cockfights), whose father had been sacrified by the Coven during the '84 daemon incursion.
John Alexander New Horizons employee who delivered the hoverbikes and worked on the Revolution base computer system.
Don Aliese (missing, presumed dead) One of two local Mafia heads, presumed killed by a car bomb (Furies).
Alley Cats New gang in town since the Blood Board decline, led by the brutal Tybalt (Prince of Cats). Their members are known by numbers.
Dr. Liam Armani Boston coroner who usually gets assigned to Revolution cases involving unnatural corpses.
The Babe Disgruntled inventor who wanted to revolutionize the sport of baseball but was flouted by its inherent conservatism. He now wears a Yankees costume and carries a number of baseballs with microgravity generators, as well as a more sophisticated device he calls Homer. He started his career by robbing Boston's Fenway Stadium. Smarter than the usual run of 1-800-HENCHMEN sorts, he has a team of followers.
Susan Bates (deceased) Another clone, killed by Traveller, who thought she was Needle (Hunting the Eye of the Storm). Powers centered on biological emotional manipulation.
Mr. Beerbaum Owner of a Cambridge antiques store robbed by Toy Man and Lepidopterist (Iron Butterflies).
Mark Berault One-time prosecuting attorney who worked on Felix Javelin's case and the only person connected to that event still living. Currently a partner in Lankowski, Berault, Glass, and Jones law firm.
Blaise Gretchen St. John's number-one henchmen, a highly-skilled martial artist and mystical mind-controller.
Sarah Blake Another clone, worked with Travis Leone to record memory sequences at SysGen.
Blood Boards When they first appeared, they were a local gang with delusions of grandeur who had apparently been hired to kill Needle (Bloodlines). Later, many signed on with 1-800-HENCHMEN. Phoenix Talon eventually got tired of beating them senseless and decided to recruit them (Norse Sense). Named members: Rick, Stu, Stan, Kibo, Billy, Johnny, Gonzo, Rico, Toby. Rico and Toby were killed by the Alley Cats; Stu and Stan were also killed but brought back to life and given superpowers by Dawn (Prince of Cats).
Oscar Roberto Bouros Architect said to be responsible for the Fairlawn Construction Group's subdevelopment of the Resurrectionist's property, and also the Black Whip's mansion. Confused paper trail suggests that he either doesn't exist, or someone wants it to be thought that he doesn't.
Buddy Phoenix Talon's college friend, creator of his specialized weaponry. Aerospace engineer with variant intelligence.
Shannon Burkowski (deceased) CIA agent who was the base for Tempest and the SB clone series.
Caduceus Project A biotech company starting up in Boston using technology they acquired from a government auction of World Crime League equipment. Their building is built on the site where Fimbulwinter's front company Yesterday's Tomorrow's used to be, and has been destroyed three times already.
Arnold "Action" Chang WAMT field reporter without the sense God gave a squirrel.
Count Bastard and the Jazz Trio The first symptom of 1-800-HENCHMEN's new presence in Boston (Fireworks & Frenzy), a music-themed villain. His "trio" had only two members at their first appearance, Liquorice Stick and Double Bass, and later acquired more, Skins, Ivory, and Ax.
Dawn The result of a ritual performed by Yasmina (Night of the Weird Shit), she is linked to Phoenix Talon. Her powers of creating objects from nothing are considerable, but her nature remains a mystery. She is currently dating Rick of the Blood Boards.
Dr. Drescher Head of the Caduceus Project.
Edward Ellis (deceased) A state senator with the largely thankless job of leading the committee in charge of variant defender oversight. Tireless and enthusiastic, the team was his special project.
Fairlawn Construction Group Construction company linked to Resurrectionist's old property. Owned by Wilson Associated Land Management.
Captain Fitzwilliams Coast Guard captain stationed in Boston Harbor.
Flicker One of Gretchen St. John's henchmen, a teleporter.
Mr. Fowler Stage manager for the theater company Larry tours with.
Fox and Hedgehog Yet another set of 1-800-HENCHMEN theme villains. Fox is highly versatile; Hedgehog does one thing very well, that thing appearing to be managing the timing of their exploits.
General Motors Disgruntled former automotive engineer determined to prove the superiority of American vehicles over the Japanese, he hopes to sink the entire island some day. Two henchmen, Pinto and Dart.
Randolph Gold Unofficial leader of a community of Daemonwar survivors in Worcester, MA.
Mark Gordon (deceased) World Crime League operative watching over the Tempest Scenario in Boston, killed during the events of Firestorm.
Don Vincent Guiliani One of two local Mafia heads at the opening of the campaign, eventually suffered a broken neck at Lucky's hands (Bacchanalia) and later had his consciousness transferred into the robot Silverblood (Day of Fire).
Dr. Habiki Japanese biotechnologist associated with the Caduceus Project, and a ninja.
Mr. Harrison Boston District Attorney (Pride).
Harvey K. Robeson Enterprises office cat, a Maine Coon.
Captain Hendricks One of Boston's fire chiefs.
Patricia Hoagland AKA the Storm Crow. Former archeologist, historical expert, author of a subtly anti-variant social history of the Plovian War, and winged bearer of a curse that forces her to wherever fights or wars will break out. For fun she removes peoples' souls and binds them to her to gain their knowledge.
Senator Jacobs (deceased) Part of the committee investigating the embezzlement of Revolution and other law enforcement funds, secretly working for the League of Nations and eventually assassinated by Rue Morgue (Seeing the Light).
Felix Javelin Sociopathic former employee of the World Crime League front company SysGen, one of the primary architects of the artificial memory drugs. He himself holds the memories of seven different people, including the Navy SEAL whose abilities became part of Spyder (see the Host campaign). Using his drugs, he can make other people into short-term copies of himself to carry out his wishes while he remains at a distance.
Wendell Jenkins A senior properties developer at Agglomerated MegaPublishing, one of those repsonsible for the Revolution account and, like Peter Paulson, one of their most enthusiastic fans. Of course, in his case he's a devoted fan because the Toy Man threatened him with dire consequences if he wasn't.
Professor Kandel Phoenix Talon's college advisor at the University of Houston Variant Studies program.
James William Kenny, Jr. WCL scientist working at the Poughkeepsie facility, in charge of brainwashing Needle.
Darcy Jones WAMT field reporter.
Dr. Mary Elizabeth Lanigan (deceased) Psychiatrist used to facilitate Felix Javelin's access to the chemicals used in his murders, later killed by him.
George Lapin Member of the upper crust, his yacht was one of Manta Master's first targets.
J. T. Leonard/Mariner Leader of the adventuring group known as the Windjammers and now head of the Mariner Corporation, involved in salvage and archeological exploration across the globe and particularly under the sea. Despite his age, J.T. is more than able to hold his own with the younger generation. Other members of the Windjammers: Sparky, Reggie, Tommy, Gilly, Cliff.
Travis Leone An actor, Travis used to work for the World Crime League front company SysGen, and was (unknowingly) involved in the creation of the memories used for Needle and the rest of the clones. He played her college boyfriend. Now he's working in repertory theater. Candi Rich is his roommate.
Matthew Lesobeck (deceased) Judged Felix Javelin's case and later became his victim (Iron Butterflies).
Librarian & Archivist Theme villain team. The Archivist is also the head of Harvard University's Semitic Museum; the Librarian a lovely young woman in a dowdy disguise, of whom little is known.
Lisa Part of the Maine colony of Rogers Syndrome sufferers, Lisa is transparent except for her skeleton and sustains the household through her antiques business, run through proxies. She loves old black and white movies and is always dressed in formal antique clothing she makes herself.
Mark London Ex-husband of one of the women killed by Gretchen St. John (Killers in the Shadows), their son David was later targeted by Sabertooth (Catfights & Cockfights).
Manta Master AKA Emmanuel Masters, disgruntled former employee of the Mariner Corporation who absconded with some ancient Egyptian technology they found at a site beneath the Indian Ocean. Briefly used the Blood Boards as henchmen before Phoenix Talon convinced them to follow a different path.
Brandeis McCaully Member of the upper crust, with homes in Boston and New York, narrowly escaped being Manta Master's fourth victim. Attended the Halloween party at Top of the Hub.
Roy McCoy and His Hyperalloy Decoys Theme villain with a duck hunter idiom. Viewed by Revolution as evidence that 1-800-HENCHMEN had hit the bottom of the local talent pool, although he did manage to drop Thunderbolt once, much to the latter's chagrin.
Chris Meyers WAMT field reporter.
Gabriel Michaels Head of Renaissance Technologies, a multinational technology firm specializing in cybernetics.
Mike Holly Shapiro's cameraman.
Chris Montesanti Ex-husband of one of the women killed by Gretchen St. John (Killers in the Shadows), their son Eric was later targeted by Sabertooth (Catfights & Cockfights).
Sean Mort (deceased) Wealthy Transbialkan eccentric, art collector, possibly a vampire, League of Nations spy, victim of Toy Man and Lepidopterist (Iron Butterflies), Cait Sidhe (Nine Lives), and eventually Patricia Hoagland (Gathering Crows).
Marshall Murphy Part of the Maine colony of Rogers Syndrome sufferers, a former surgeon whose career was cut short. He has one scaled arm, and can produce photographically realistic drawings, but does not consider this art.
Nahal Part of the Maine colony of Rogers Syndrome sufferers, eight-year-old Nahal's body produces a slight negative gravitational field at all times, making it difficult for him to touch things. He is a refugee from South Africa adopted by Marshall and Lisa.
National Human Advancement Council WCL front organization for biotech operations.
Newton Needle's cat. Other, more paranoid team members suspect it's not a cat at all. Newton has yet to give any evidence to this effect.
Odin Probably insane theme villain with extensive cybernetic implants and the eighteen-wheeler from hell called Sleipnir (currently under examination at GEMINI). Had four henchmen: Freki, Geri, Hugin, and Munin. First encountered in Norse Sense, by the events of Whiteout he was Gretchen St. John's tool.
Paranormal Investigation and Tactics Squad (PITS) A privately owned corporation, not government-funded, the company is based in Ohio. One of their strike teams operates in Rhode Island, investigating variant menaces. They're very well equipped, well trained, and operate on a paramilitary paradigm. Named members: Lou (leader), Neil (asked Needle out without success), Greg (mercilessly taunts Neil about same).
Dr. Penzer Trauma team doctor at Lancaster University's attached teaching hospital. Treated Needle after the incident with Felix Javelin (News at Eleven).
Peter Paulson A young properties developer at Agglomerated MegaPublishing, one of those responsible for the Revolution account and one of their most enthusiastic fans. Eventually revealed to be the Toy Man.
Pierre French clothing designer and friend of Molly's. Did Scott's Gravedigger outfit for the Halloween party, and Needle's second costume.
The Postman Disgruntled former postal employee who thanks to 1-800-HENCHMEN has turned his, um, talents to Showing Them All. Initially known as Postal Employee Man before the HENCHMEN recruiter convinced him to change it.
Chandler Prentice A psychic with a range of minor talents which come in very handy on occasion. Acts as team therapist when necessary; as Lucky's self-appointed mentor, he is helping her free herself from her past, and he was intimately involved in Needle's attempt to discover her own history. Departed Boston for other projects, along with Lucky (Fireworks & Frenzy).
Yasmina Rajid (undead) She's at least three thousand years old, a vampire with Twilight powers. Beautiful, seductive, her smile can turn your blood to ice. She and Chandler have a history of some sort, and they occasionally do one another favors.
Tía Ramirez Tybalt's aunt (see Alley Cats), professional psychic, and apparent neutral in hero/villain terms.
Thomas Reilly Lieutenant Detective with the Boston Police Department, their liaison to the Revolution. Unflappable and dedicated. Aware of her past, he was initially prejudiced against Lucky, but has since revised his opinion of her. Has something of a soft spot for Needle's problems (his wife hates her).
Candi Rich AKA Candace Richtofen, she's blonde, blue-eyed, and beautiful, a model and aspiring actress working for AMT on their soap opera Boston Common, Phoenix Talon's girlfriend and Travis Leone's roommate. She's also smarter than you'd expect.
Dr. Rushdie Late physicist (variant?) who created the pocket-dimension swap stones. Rushdie was kidnapped by Sa Hud for his knowledge, critically wounded during the battle with the Windjammers that followed, and later died. The whereabouts of his notes are unknown.
Dr. Jeffrey Scott Scientist and inventor, he is Scott's "father," a specialist in the peculiar properties of Plovian superconductive protomatter. Once TECH's dupe, he later became their enemy. Now employed at GEMINI, a Seattle company which may be a subsidiary of Renaissance Technologies.
Holly Shapiro Boston Herald columnist and WAMT pundit with an axe to grind where variants are concerned. She thinks the team is a menace and isn't shy about saying so to their faces. Appears to be controlled by Felix Javelin these days.
Senator Snow Ellis' replacement as lead contact between the government and the Revolution.
Pilar Soma WAMT field reporter.
Ms. Spanner WCL operative running the company where Susan Bates was once employed, and which was the source of city-wide emotional manipulation in Firestorm.
Stephanie Secretary at K. Robeson Enterprises, her main qualification for being hired was looking like a young Katherine Hepburn, but she's actually quite good. Romantically interested in Thunderbolt. Is also the cat-themed thief Cait Sith.
Steven Formerly part of the Maine colony of Rogers Syndrome sufferers, Steven has gills and must be regularly immersed in salt water. In his early twenties. Needle helped him get into University of Houston's Variant Studies program, where he is now part of the young hero group called The Image.
Hal Stevens (deceased) Police officer killed in a tunnel collapse during the Revolution's first day on the job (Killers in the Shadows).
"Shovels" Stevie One-time kid sidekick to Gravedigger, now a machine shop employee and hanger-on of the Veterans Club. Did most of the work on the Blobcave. Very bad at poker and has something of a drinking problem.
Nick Stone Actor playing Thunderbolt on Boston Common.
Gretchen St. John Daemonmage with a fondness for theatrical, flashy spells. Used to be a part of the Coven until the Daemonwar ended and their power ebbed drastically. Her signature is ravens that multiply in number with every wingflap. First encountered in Killers in the Shadows and defeated in Monster in the Maze, she returned in Whiteout.
Sutha Shandamirian death-god, Yasmina's boss and Xyrgoth's enemy.
Tao Actress playing Witchfire on Boston Common, known mainly for her breasts. Romantically interested in Thunderbolt.
Anthony Taurus Mayor of New York City and former head of Taurus Industries, a powerful technological research company. Also adoptive father to Talon, from Section 8.
Valerie Part of the Maine colony of Rogers Syndrome sufferers, she is an uncontrolled projective telepath and therefore a recluse.
Silas Vandemar One of Gretchen St. John's henchmen, he carried out sacrifical murders for her and has since been committed to a mental institution.
Simon Velke Lucky's public defender (Furies).
Wall, Stone, Craft, and Shelley Law firm well-known for working with the more outre brand of supervillain, they got their start in Seattle but have recently branched out to Boston and Chicago. Almost certainly related to 1-800-HENCHMEN.
Mr. Washington Assistant DA who prosecuted Lucky after her attack on Don Vincent (Furies). Later one of Felix Javelin's victims.
Simon Weed WAMT talking head, appears to have something of a rivalry with Holly Shapiro.
Wilhelm Mort's butler.
David Wilson Owner of Fairlawn Construction during the establishment of the Black Whip's mansion.
Jessica Winters On temporary assignment as team liaison during Reilly's absence (beginning in Iron Butterflies). Ex-Marine, go-getter type, and World Crime Leage plant.
Winston Wittelsbach (deceased) Top accountant with a highly placed Boston firm, was looking into the misappropriation of Revolution and other law enforcement funds. Killed by Ley Lady (Seeing the Light).
Senator Wood Another of the senators on the Variant Oversight Committee Ellis had headed.
Worcester Rooster AKA Richard Waddle. Theme villain armed with glider technology and spurred feet, aided by a pack of "hensmen" with egg-grenade launchers. Got into the life after being kicked out of the cock-fighting circuit.
Xyrgoth Shandamirian wolf-god Gretchen St. John has been trying to free through ritual sacrifices. Has some connection to Phoenix Talon.

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